Zero Waste kitchen

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Although I am not saved, I am still very valuable, useful, sustainable and ecological. I would like to offer you the opportunity to deal with you and your environment at every level, in everyday life, in a way that is suitable for the grandchild, ie in a sustainable and conscious way.
Think of you, your health and the health of your environment!

Life without plastic is difficult when in the supermarket around the corner fruit and vegetables are packed several times in plastic. Once again some battered apples and bananas hang around in the fridge. In the bread basket dry baguette and peasant body. Who does not know that. "Go away!" Says the thoughtless self. "Make something out of it and do it differently in the future!" Says Sophia Hoffmann, demonstrating how to make even unbeatable creations out of parsley stew, stale bread or battered fruit. Zero waste can be learned and it is not only good for the environment and karma, but also for the wallet. Our grandmothers knew how to shop economically and sustainably, store everything cleverly and economically use the leftovers. We somehow forgot it. Therefore, the original Berlin-Wahlerin has developed many quick-witted recipes and packed their concentrated knowledge of Zero Waste and sustainability in this book. True to the motto: THE Vegan Cookbook for the Zero Waste Lifestyle!

ISBN 13: 978-3-89883-854-2
Author: Sophia Hoffmann
248 Seiten
ZS publishing house, 2019

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