Upcycled hejhej-mat's yoga mat

by hejhej-mats
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Sustainable yoga is now possible with the yoga mats from hejhej-mats.

Hejhej-mats uses cut remnants from foam production to produce its yoga mats. The closed-pored surface of the hejhej-mat does not absorb any moisture. This makes your yoga practice more hygienic as no sweat penetrates the mat and the life of your hejhej-mat is prolonged.

You also do good, because 1 € per hejhej-mat go to the NGO Earthchild Project.


  • Brand: hejhej-mats
  • Measurements: aprox. 186cm x 65cm x 0,5 cm
  • Weight: approx 2kg
  • Material: secondary raw materials, recyclable
  • Each mat is unique in its appearance
  • With a practical hejhej band that holds the mat together optimally
  • The logo is sewn on in collaboration with a workshop for people with performance disabilities.
  • Logo and ribbon made of biodegradable organic cotton with water-based printing
  • 100% Made in Germany
  • The mats from the second production have more black or white speckles than the mats shown here.
  • Avoid direct sunlight on the bright yoga mats.

Please note that due to the special material there may be deviations in the appearance.

For hygienic reasons no return of used mats can be guaranteed. The shipment of yoga mats is handled by hejhej-mats.

Photos © Christin Schwarzer Photography

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