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The vegan rescue box is packed full of pure plant-derived, salvaged products that make every vegan savior's heart beat faster. From delicious breakfast ingredients to smoothies and spreads to vegan snacks, there's everything. Enjoy and share.

The Retterbox is filled with delicious rescued food from overproduction, with some expired best before date or design flaws. Our samples confirm a flawless quality of the products. You get the most edible surplus food directly delivered to your home, save money, time and protect the environment! Now, from the comfort of your own home, improve the world!

The picture is just one example, the content of the rescuer box varies. But we pay attention to a diverse assortment of staple foods as well as sweet & savory snacks.

The current savior box "Vegan" contains articles without German labeling. The ingredients of these articles can be viewed here:

Tartex - Vegetarian Pâté Pesto Style
Ingredients: Water, coconut fat *, tofu * (water,soybeans*, Firming agent: calcium sulphate), potato starch *, dried nutrient yeast *, tomato paste *, basil * (3%), vegetable protein from sunflower seeds *, spinach, sea salt, spices * (with Celery*), Sunflower oil *, apple juice concentrate *,
Soy sauce* (Water, soybeans*, Salt), garlic powder (0,5%), thickener: guar gum *.
*from controlled organic cultivation.

Allos - Farm Vegetables Pumpkin Ginger:
Ingredients: Pumpkin * (46%), carrots * (13,8%), sunflower seeds *, sunflower oil *, onions * (7%), agave syrup *, lemon juice concentrate *, orange juice concentrate *, potato starch *, sea salt, white balsamic vinegar * (white wine vinegar *, grape juice concentrate * ), Onion powder *, ginger powder * (0,5%), pumpkin seed oil * (0,5%), thickener: locust bean gum *, nutmeg *, turmeric *.
*from controlled organic cultivation.

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