Saving box organic vegan

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As a conscious savior heart, is it important to you that your foods are free of additives and pesticides, for a grubby agriculture? Well then we have just the thing for you: the wonderful Bio & Vegan-Retterbox with only organic certified vegan food!

The vegan organic savior box is filled with pure vegetable, rescued organic productsthat make every vegan saver heart beat faster. From delicious breakfast ingredients to smoothies and spreads to vegan snacks, there's everything. Have fun enjoying and sharing.

The rescuer box is filled with delicious rescued foods due to overproduction, partially expired date of minimum durability or design flaws. Our samples confirm one impeccable quality of the products, You get the most edible surplus food directly delivered to your home, save money, time and protect the environment! Now, from the comfort of your own home, improve the world!

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