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Although I am not saved, I am still very valuable, useful, sustainable and ecological. I would like to offer you the opportunity to deal with you and your environment at every level, in everyday life, in a way that is suitable for the grandchild, ie in a sustainable and conscious way.
Think of you, your health and the health of your environment!

Tips for sustainable consumption and sustainable living

This book provides 200 with useful, everyday tips on how green living works and provides answers to the question, "What do I really need in life?".

The authors clear up with some eco-myths and show instead, which changes really make sense and how we can alternatively live and work. "Einfach öko" does not want to make any rules, but offers the reader practical decision-making aids:
· Start where it's easy for you
· Sustainability check for your everyday life
· 200 concrete, easy to implement tips
· Scientifically sound and effective

Living, living and working are examined through a tour of the apartment - step by step, room by room. This determines ecological footprints and calculates savings potential. The result is concrete, easy-to-implement tips for sustainable consumption and an environmentally conscious life.

ISBN-13: 978-3-86581-836-2
Authors: Marcus Franken, Monika Götze
192 Seiten
Oekom Verlag Munich, 2017

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