Bio NATURATA Vegan Remoulade 190ml - Tube

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Vegan remoulade

The fine taste of the Naturata vegan remoulade is characterized by cucumbers, onions and fresh herbs. The particularly high cucumber content makes the vegan remoulade fresh and easy to taste. The vegan remoulade is made without egg and is therefore ideal for vegans or people with egg intolerance.

Ingredients: Sunflower oil **, cucumbers **, water, Mustard (Water, mustard seeds**, vinegar *, cider vinegar **, sea salt, raw cane sugar **, curcuma *), vinegar *, corn starch *, raw cane sugar **, sunflower protein *, onions *, sea salt, lemon juice **, garlic *, thickener (Locust bean gum *, guar gum *), chives *.
*from controlled organic farming ** from biodynamic cultivation (Demeter)

Contains the following allergenic ingredients: mustard

Storage instructions: Store refrigerated after opening.

Expiration date: 21.04.19
Note: The sell-by date of this product has already exceeded. However, it has undergone sensory testing by us and declared to be edible. Nevertheless, we recommend to store the product only for a short period of time and to eat it as soon as possible.

Product details:
Brand: Naturata
Quantity: 190ml
Country of origin: Switzerland

Nutritional information:

average nutritional values per 100 g
1992 kJ / 484 kcal
50 g
hereof: saturated fatty acids 5 g
carbohydrates 5,9 g
of which sugars 2,3 g
protein 0,8 g
salt 1,2 g

Naturata AG, At the old power plant 6, 71672 Marbach

Eco-control number: DE-ÖKO-007

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