Today is World Women's Day

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For every online order on World Women's Day SIRPLUS finances one School meal for children in Burundi and thus supports not only the students, but also the great women who take care of the local schoolchildren.

"Women are our main target group because they can bring about the biggest changes in their lives, both in terms of family organization and care, and the Burundi project focuses on students, but to ensure school meals especially women, who are responsible for the preparation of food in volunteer committees and who also play a major role in the cultivation of vegetables. " (Quote: welthungerhilfe)

You can find more information about the project HERE.

Women's power at SIRPLUS

Equality is also very important to us, at SIRPLUS. More than 50% of our team is made up of inspiring and wonderful women who are committed to a more sustainable and equitable world every day. In addition, over 70% of our customers are customers. And so the women's power contributes above-average to the food already rescued from 1500 tons.

THANK YOU dear women!

What is World Women's Day?

The Internationale Frauentag was born out of the labor movement. For the first time he was committed to the suggestion of the German Social Democrat and women's rights activist Clara Zetkin at the 19. March 1911 in the German Reich, in Austria-Hungary, Denmark and in Switzerland. Among the most important demands was the introduction of women's suffrage, which exists in Germany since 1918.

Since 1921 the World Women's Day is on 8. March committed. In more than 25 states - most of them in Asia and Africa - it is now a public holiday, as shown on the Website the campaign "International Women's Day". In several countries, including China, Madagascar and Nepal, the holiday is for women only. The UN General Assembly called 1977 the 8. March as the "Day for the Rights of Women and World Peace". (Source: Mirror online)

And now: have fun saving and double helping!