SIRPLUS TALK- The format for all those interested in sustainability

The SIRPLUS TALK is a monthly format in which you not only listen to inspiring people, but also exchange ideas with you. Because many great ideas and projects are waiting to be discovered by you!

We welcome Prof. Faltin to our next SIRPLUS Talk

Prof. Günter Faltin has been a real pioneer of the sustainability movement ever since the founding of the tea campaign 1985. His principle: in simplicity lies the highest perfection. Not only practically, but also theoretically he is revolutionizing the founders' scene with his works "Kopf schlapp Kapital" and "DAVID gegen GOLIATH" and shows that sustainability is the concept for the future. Not only will Prof. Faltin present his latest book (DAVID versus GOLIATH), but also the entreprepreneurial design of SIRPLUS will be considered and explained by founder Raphael Fellmer and expert Prof. Faltin.

Basic information:

Details on the second SIR❤PLUS Talk:
Guest speaker: Prof. Faltin

When? 09.05.2019, inlet 20: 00 clock, start: 20: 30 clock

Where? Schloßstraße 94, 12163 Berlin, Steglitz

Costs? 5 €, on the spot you will get a shopping voucher of 5 € from a purchase value of 25 €
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