Rescue Tour

Who is behind the scenes?

Where does SIRPLUS actually get the goods from?

Is it possible to sell food even after the best before date?

We would like to discuss all these questions with you during our monthly Rettertour.

Events - Rettermarkt Steglitz

Address: Schlossstrasse 94, 12163 Berlin
Start: 19 Clock

7. May - with Raphael Fellmer
4. June
2. July - with Raphael Fellmer
6. August
3. September - with Raphael Fellmer
1. October
5. November - with Raphael Fellmer
3. December

Events - Rettermarkt Friedrichshain

Address: East Side Mall, Tamara-Danz Street 11, 10243 Berlin
Start: 19 Clock

29. May

Why go on tour with SIRPLUS?

  • Learn more about food waste
  • Find out what Berlin's first savior market is doing to make this planet and its people happier
  • Tasty foods that are otherwise thrown away

A registration is not necessary.

The tour lasts about 45 minutes.

I look forward to you all