Mission & Vision

Our vision

A world in which all people have enough to eat and all food produced is eaten.

SIRPLUS is a Germany-wide impact startup that works against food waste. We bring excess food back into circulation by putting it in ours Savior markets and in ours Online shop offer for sale. By working directly with 700 producers and wholesalers, we are able to save valuable food that does not pick up the plates, but which are perfectly enjoyable. So we make the topic of food waste mainstream and cause society, politics and the economy to rethink. Together with our customers and partners, we make an important contribution to sustainable consumption and climate protection!

Why we save and talk about it

18 million tons of food are wasted annually in Germany. That's equivalent to one truckload per minute! According to the WWF, 10 millions of tons of this are avoidable and millions of tons of them are incurred by producers, manufacturers and wholesalers - where they can be rescued by us.

Almost half of the food waste happens in Germany's private households, so we not only save food, but create awareness and mindfulness for a proper use of precious resources. Our goal is to enhance food appreciation through our business model, media presence and educational work. We want to make it possible for all people to be just part of the solution and to do good with their daily consumption.

There are currently 7,7 billion people living in the world and we are currently producing food for 12 billion people. With the food that is wasted annually, all starving people in the world could be fed four times. In addition to the ethical disaster, food waste is also an ecological disaster and responsible for 8% of all global greenhouse gases. For good reasons, "no hunger" and "sustainable consumption and production" are among the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

What we save

Since 2017, SIRPLUS has saved tons of food through 2.500. We save surplus food items that are shortly before or after the expiry date of the best before date (MHD) or do not comply with the standard, in excess of 700 partners in front of the garbage bin.
We do not save at supermarkets, but at manufacturers and producers, logisticians and wholesalers, where larger quantities are required.
For all food we have to pay money to comply with the sales tax chain. In doing so, we consciously pay only a symbolic amount for the food, so as not to encourage overproduction and give no incentive to offer the food to us instead of the blackboard. In doing so, we also consider the financial situation of our partners. We pay small farmers and middlemen of fruits and vegetables fair prices for food. We appreciate the work they have to do to save their food. The non-standard fruit and vegetables must be invested with time and manpower to harvest it.

Tafel-First principle

With us the principle applies: "Tafel first"! This means: The boards always have priority.
The over 940 Panel In Germany, around 260.000 tons of food are saved annually, primarily at supermarkets, bakeries and wholesalers. The approximately 60.000 volunteers of foodsharing - A movement that our co-founder Raphael Fellmer has already built 2012 - save another tens of thousands of tons at smaller farms. foodsharing acts in addition to the days when the tables can not come, or picks up the rest. Yet millions of tonnes of excess, edible food along the value chain will not be saved. That's exactly where we start!
SIRPLUS complements the significant work of the panels, especially when it comes to saving larger quantities of products, more unusual products, as well as pawns or alcohol. There are hardly any overlaps when it comes to rescuing, with few exceptions such as METRO, where SIRPLUS rescues what the panels do not take with them.

How we invest profits

Humanity no longer has much time to massively reduce greenhouse gases and dramatically reduce unnecessary waste of resources and pollution. That's why we do not go in small steps, but think big and want to open a hundred franchises savior markets in the next five years to save as much food and protect the climate. In addition, we will build our own brand and produce products from excess foods that are sold in traditional supermarket chains. So every person can easily be part of the solution. With our educational work, we want to inspire millions of people to a grandson-compatible handling of food.

Thanks to over one hundred thousand customers and one million Euro investment from our impact investors, we have already been able to save tons of food via 2.500. We are not profitable yet. But we have to become that in the future to be able to exist and operate as a company in the long term. Over the next few years, we want to save millions of tons of excess food. Today, we are investing in infrastructure that will allow us to save even more food in the future.

Learn in the blog, how we work with our impact investors and what relationship we have to money.

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