Sustainable cooperation

For SIRPLUS the careful handling of our environment comes first.

We want to make our contribution to shaping a future that is fit for the future and respectful of our resources.

That's why we are not just a customer of an eco-bank, but also source our electricity from renewable energies and offer our employeesone ethical-ecological company pension plan (FVO) from FIBUR


Currently, the energy supply in Germany is still predominantly based on fossil and atomic fuels. Energy is mainly produced in large power plants that are in the hands of a few large energy companies. As before, they mainly operate nuclear and coal-fired power plants and hardly invest in renewable energy systems. Consumers are usually not involved in the planning of new installations and have no opportunity to participate financially in them.

The goal of NATURSTROM AG: a future-oriented and citizen-oriented energy turnaround

NATURSTROM stands for a climate-friendly and environmentally friendly energy supply based on 100% renewable energies, which is environmentally friendly, safe and affordable in the long term.

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What are ethical and ecological insurance?
Especially people who provide for themselves privately through Riester, Rürup or occupational pensions (BAA), pay in the course of their working life very high sums of money, which are further invested by the insurance companies.

FIBUR informs and offers sustainable products in the field of state-subsidized pension provision since 2010. The customer savings contributions are created transparently according to clear criteria. Areas such as armor, food speculation, genetic engineering and child labor are excluded.

FIBUR's customers include private individuals and employees of sustainable companies (eg clothing and food manufacturers), kindergartens and NGOs such as ProVeg and Sea Shepherd.

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