In April 2017 we have our first Crowdfunding campaign started where more than 90.000 € has been raised for our idea of ​​mainstreaming food safety.
More than 1700 crowdfunding supporters and many other great people and partners helped us to open our first savior market in Berlin Charlottenburg in September 2017.

Since then a lot has happened. We launched our online shop and opened a total of 4 savior markets in Berlin and, together with hundreds of thousands of customers, already saved thousands of tons of food. That's equivalent to several million meals.

Since our vision is that SIRPLUS makes food supplies easy and that we want to enable all people to have enough to eat, we want to take the next big step with you, Because despite the gigantic performance of the panels, which save hundreds of thousands of tons annually in Germany, millions of tons are still wasted every year in Germany and we want to change that with you!

That is why we decided to grow our ecological and social concept through a franchise system, so that many more people throughout Germany are not only interested in our Online Shop but in a SIRPLUS savior market in your city.

For a first contact with us, please fill out this form without any obligation.
We will then contact you by phone or email to discuss more details. However, as we are still very busy at the moment and Berlin is saving a lot, we will only be able to report to you if there are any available capacities. So do not wait for us, if you have a brilliant idea and can implement it already.