Frequently Asked Questions about SIRPLUS

What is SIRPLUS?

SIRPLUS makes food-saving mainstream. We are an impact startup that strengthens food appreciation and brings excess and expired food back into circulation via our rescuer markets in Berlin and our nationwide online shop. We create a win-win-win situation in the environment, win customers and our partners.

What does 'SIRPLUS' mean?

SIRPLUS is a pun and derives from the English word "surplus", which means surplus, oversupply or excess. The name thus reflects the immense surplus of food, which currently accounts for one third of the total production in Germany and which we make accessible to you again.

From the "Sur" we have made a "sir" to symbolize our service, bringing food saved to consumers to their homes. In addition, the "sir" is a sign of the appreciation of food, even if they are crooked, have expired or too much was produced. The "plus" stands for the value that food has.

What is your goal?

We want to make the food rescue 'mainstream' and thus massively reduce the waste! We want to value all foods and pave the way back into the cycle of life. We want to offer a solution to all consumers and producers as well as non-profit organizations in order to sustainably reduce waste and overproduction. We want to preserve the resources of our planet!

Who is behind SIRPLUS?

We are a social impact startup from Berlin, which brings food back into circulation since 2017. The two founders are Raphael Fellmer and Martin Schott. Raphael has already started foodsharing, a food rescue organization that uses 50.000 Foodsaver in Germany, Austria and Switzerland to rescue surplus food on a voluntary basis from more than 5.000 companies. In addition, since the beginning we have received the support of numerous partners and people who help us with our hearts and with our hearts. We are a passionate international team of 70 savior hearts who with joy and verve every day give everything for the food!

Are you a competition for the food and foodsharing tables?

For us, the boards and foodsharing partners. We work closely with other food savers. We also donate food to charities and social projects.

Our partners always give priority to the blackboard. We pick up what other organizations can not save for a variety of reasons.

One of the reasons for this is that they can not accept foods with an expired best before date, can not guarantee compliance with the cold chain, do not have the necessary logistics or do not have the capacity to bring the enormous amounts of excess food back into circulation.

What sets you apart from food and foodsharing?

We pursue the same goal as other organizations that promote food appreciation. We want to further professionalize food conservation and give all people access to surplus food.

Our goal is to complement the panels and other organizations and work with them to solve the problem holistically. When millions of people are able to consume saved food, it is possible to sustainably reduce food waste.

Where do you get your food from?

Especially from wholesalers, producers and farmers. As distributors deliver their surplus food to us cheaply, they reduce waste costs and increase their commitment to sustainable resource management and social responsibility.

Is it allowed to sell food after the best before date?

A best-before date is not a use-by date. It is legal to sell food that has already passed its sell-by date after verifying its enjoyability and indicating that it has expired.

What is there in the savior market?

We save all food that has gone astray and guide it back towards the plate. We make no exceptions, so there are in our range of organic and non-organic foods. We have packed dry goods, drinks and baked goods. Fruits and vegetables from our farmers reach us in the afternoon.

Already included in the range are frozen products from dairy products to meat and finished products. We also have rescued cosmetics and other everyday items for the kitchen and bathroom.

Our assortment is flexible, there are often surprises and sometimes products are simply too, as we can never guarantee if and how much will be left.

Do you have organic food?

Our vision is to achieve the maximum impact. Since currently more than 90% of the agriculture is operated conventionally, so is not certified organic and does not correspond to the organic labels, we have decided to save both organic food, as well as conventionally grown food. Even conventional foods want to be loved and usually even have a bigger ecological footprint. So it is worth even more to save this.

In addition, we have a large number of organic products as well as our popular organic savior box. In our savior markets in Berlin as well as in our on-line shop all organic food are marked.

It is important for us to save as much food as possible and at the same time to respond to the wishes of our customers, so that both nature and the people are satisfied.

Is there also a delivery service?

Yes! Our SIRPLUS delivery service already exists. It is possible to order food in our online shop, which reliably reaches all households throughout the Federal Republic of Germany.

Does it make sense to send the food across the Federal Republic?

Yes! After all, food that the consumer buys in the supermarket on site has already traveled long distances and also consumes many resources through its production and produces CO2.

The additional CO2 emissions from the transport of food to our warehouse, store or to your home is out of proportion and makes up only a fraction of the greenhouse gases, which already arose through the production of food - in other words, "saved" by us and you "Or saved.

In addition, the food should come to you as soon as possible, so that they are still good. You do not have to stand in the supermarket queue; People who can not bear heavy become saviors and all have more time for the beautiful things in life - happiness for nature and man!

What do the rescue boxes contain and between which can I choose?

In our online shop you will find ours Retterbox in the variants

  • Rescue Box Classic
  • Saving box organic vegan
  • All our rescue boxes are now also available as a subscription. So you can not only let you have your rescued food sent home every month but also time and min. Save 5 € per package. The delivery interval is 4 weeks. The content of each rescuer can vary monthly.

    Fruit and vegetables, as well as products which have to be cooled will not be available online for the time being. But we are working on that as well.

    So keep looking in and out, our range of salvaged food is constantly growing.

    My order contains defective, missing or damaged products.

    If your order contains incorrect products, your products have not reached you in perfect condition or even some products are completely missing, we apologize to you!

    Please contact us in this case, Please let us know your order number and which products exactly. - So we can take care of your concerns as soon as possible.

    We are always happy to receive feedback from you!

    Thanks to your help we can constantly work on improvements.

    Thank you for your support!

    I could not complete my order.

    If you have problems with your order, can not complete it or have general questions about our online shop feel free to contact us via the contact form on our website

    We are always happy to receive feedback from you!

    I can not log in to my SIRPLUS profile anymore.

    If you try to log in to your SIRPLUS profile, for example to edit your subscription, your email address or password will not be recognized? Or it appears the error message that there is no account for this address?

    Please contact us in this caseer

    Questions about checking and shelf life of food.

    For some items, the best before date (MHD) is already exceeded.

    We understand that some of you are worried about eating up expired foods or foods that are just before the expiration date.

    The expiration date (MHD) indicates the date by which a food must be consumed in any case without substantial loss of taste and quality, as well as health risk, if properly stored (in particular adherence to the storage temperature referred to in the MHD).

    Since it is a expiry- not one expiry date As a rule, the food is still consumable even after the specified date. Our food hygiene expert Viktoria performs regularly sensory tests and repeat these constantly. With the thousands of products that we have tested so far, it has been shown that until now all foods where the already best before expiration date were still edible and could be consumed. We also have more and more food tested microbacterially in a laboratory.

    Many of our food we sell has recently passed its best before date, some even many months and in fact we also have products that have expired over 2 years, but are still very edible.

    In our online shop, however, you will only find food with a best before date (MHD) which was introduced in Germany before 35 years. The best before date is the date on which the manufacturer guarantees all characteristics such as smell, color, consistency but also enjoyment. Even if we do not offer food with a "Use by" or "Use by" date in our online store, these high risk foods such as minced meat may not be sold or consumed after the expiration date.

    The correct handling of our food.

    It is important that you properly treat the food we have purchased (eg, if necessary, store in a cool and dry place), as it applies to any other food. In general, we ask you to store the food due to the special circumstances of the purchase until consumption particularly carefully and consume them immediately after the purchase.

    We also ask you to check the food at home, taking into account a few points before eating.

    To do this How-to-do guide for you:

  • Packaging: Please first check the packaging for damage.
  • Odor: When you open up, you should check the smell. That means: If you get a foul, musty or generally unpleasant odor, then please pay particular attention to point 3. and 4.
  • Color: Does the product have untypical colors? Feel free to stir or cut something depending on the product. In the case of mold (white fur or purple, green) the product is spoiled -> Please dispose of directly!
  • Try: Taste it when trying slowly ran, not eat directly, but kosten.Versuche a little bit to bite off and if it is not definable, then quiet a little larger piece. If it is inedible, you will taste it immediately. If you are also insecure after the sensory test, in case of doubt you should rather dispose of it.
  • How are the foods checked?

    In order to offer you food that is only suitable for human consumption - which we are also legally obliged to do - we take a number of precautionary measures. This includes in particular that every batch of food we offer random samples, depending on the ingredients sensory checked and only such batches are offered in our savior markets or sent via our online shop, which are suitable for public transport. It is important to note that for most products we only use the Status quo can indicate the palatability of the products and therefore always advise you to enjoy the food soon.

    Products that we classify as too critical, we will not sell!

    Foodstuffs where the BBD has expired a little longer are randomly sent by us to a qualified laboratory, where they are also examined by sensory, microbial and analytical methods. So to draw conclusions about other products and to exclude a health hazard.

    In addition, we ask you to store the food due to the special circumstances until consumption particularly carefully and to consume them immediately after the purchase.

    It is important to properly treat the food we have purchased. This includes, as far as necessary, the food cool and dry to store, as it applies to any other food. Further tips and hints can also be found at: Proper handling of expired foods

    Which payment options do I have?

    Currently you can pay in our online shop already with the following payment options.

  • PayPal
  • Credit card charge
  • Sofortüberweisung
  • If you want to save one of our rescuers as a subscription, you can choose between the payment options Credit card charge and PayPal choose.

    We are working on that soon we will be able to pay by invoice and prepayment

    Questions about shipping and packaging.

    Delivery area and delivery time

    We are already delivering throughout Germany and reliably reach all households thanks to DPD Total Zero.

    Delivery time: approx 3-7 days. Due to the big rush at the moment, it can lead to longer delivery times. We are very happy about your interest and are proud to be able to save more food from day to day!

    Thank you for your patience and understanding.

    A delivery outside of the Federal Republic of Germany is currently not possible, but we are working on the fact that soon can be rescued from Switzerland and Austria in our online shop.

    With which service provider does the shipping take place?

    Currently all orders are sent via DPD Total Zero (CO Neutral).

    Which packaging material do you use?

    With the packaging material, we make sure that our partner company produces ecologically and sustainably. Even in these processes and materials, we work to maximize ecological impact.

    We are already trying to recycle as many cardboard boxes as possible in our packaging, so that in the future we will only send out recycled rescuers.

    Where is my order?

    If your order has been processed by us and sent to DPD, you will receive a confirmation email from us with the subject: Your order is on the way.

    To see your order, please click on the green Button. This should lead you to your personal order overview. Here you can find your DPD tracking number to get the shipping status of your order. On the following page you click on the red stored shipment tracking number and are automatically forwarded to the detailed shipment history of DPD. Here you can see and track the current status of your order.

    For further questions or ambiguities contact user

    Can you make money by making the world a little better?

    For years we have been campaigning against food waste for no money. It all started when Raphael Fellmer 2009 learned that half of all food in Europe is wasted, so he became a garbage dipper. 2010 began his 5 ½ year money strike to raise awareness of food waste. Since 2011, when Raphael founded the Food Saver Movement (later foodsharing), he and Martin Schott have been working on the mission to end the food waste. This time was a very special one and we are incredibly proud of what the foodsharing movement has now accomplished through 60.000 volunteers and has achieved social impact. After a few years, foodsharing had become well established and the model that volunteers pick up excess food from supermarkets, bakeries, restaurants, etc. on a box-by-box basis worked well on a large scale, but we calculated that it would take at least 180 years for us to do so reduced the food waste in Germany by 50% and as humanity we do not have that much time anymore and we have to act now and in big steps.

    We have long rejected money as a means to realize our visions and goals for a better world. However, we have learned from our previous projects that you sooner or later reach your limits.

    We live in an economic system (capitalism) that controls very dominant what resources and goods go where and how much time people can spend on which job or volunteer work. Most people are not really able to live without money. In other words, acting outside of this system has its limits, because most people have to earn money, and because goods and services needed to realize a big endeavor can only be given on a limited or donated basis. On the other hand, if you build a working business model within the system, you can change a lot, because you are not dependent on donations and charity, and if you can prove that the model works, you can scale it, and with it, the positive impact.

    We have come to the conclusion that we consider the situation in which the world, the climate and the waste of resources, to be too explosive and dramatic, in order to forgo this opportunity of impact entrepreneurship. We need the maximum power as soon as possible in order to make a positive impact on the world, that is to say, save food in front of the ton and thereby put the issue on the agenda of the public perception of society, the economy and society To set politics. If we see "making the world a better place" only as a volunteer or hobby project, we will not make it. We need to use the system to change the system. This means that all people who are involved in one form or another in Impact companies have to earn money as well - because otherwise these people have to divide their time to earn money or "sacrifice" somewhere else and can not to direct their full energy to the project. Of course, not in a "turbo-capitalism mode", but with fair and usual salaries or participations. Money is a tool, whether it is good or bad is defined by how it is used.

    In order to implement these thoughts and values ​​also fixed, Raphael and Martin have decided that if SIRPLUS in the future should make profits, of these at least 80% in social or sustainable projects, companies and organizations. It should also be said that we will put financial surplus anyway directly into SIRPLUS itself to continue to grow, because despite everything we have already achieved, we have so far only scratched the pile of wasted food.

    Why are the prices so high? Why do not we give the food away?

    Our prices are generally lower than they would normally be in the trade. We have to make sure that we can cover our costs in the future because otherwise we will not be able to save food in the long term. Because to get the food for you in the savior markets or by package home, must happen a lot. The products have to go through an entire value creation process, starting with finding cooperation partners, agreeing on prices, quantities, quality and logistics. Then we pay the delivery to the warehouse, we do a careful quality control, booking and inventory management of tens of thousands of products in the merchandise management system, storing in our or partly external warehouse because we always get large quantities of products for which we have to pay for months, then stock the delivery comes to the savior markets, there the clearing and attractive presentation of the goods or for the online shop the packing and sending of packages. For all these steps, of course, also administrative or management work and taxes must be paid.

    This core process must be supported by support processes such as human resources, marketing, accounting and finance control, IT, managing all these areas, etc. In all of these areas, people need to be paid for their work, which is the largest Part of our costs. In addition, we have to spend money on the purchase and transport of food, for the rental payments of our locations, for work and equipment from Rettermobil on pallet trucks to many small items such as work gloves, detergents, etc. On the list are also insurance and much Further.

    If you would like to know more, we have prepared a graphic for you, which you can see from our current cost structure broken down to a product. As you can see, the costs are still higher as the revenue - because we have not reached the black zero and we and our valued donors "subsidize" thus all the products our dear customers save with us.

    How exactly do you save CO2 when shopping at SIRPLUS?

    The products that our customers buy from us do not have to be bought in the normal or "primary market". As a result, demand is decreasing and less production is required. Of course, this is a macroeconomic view - the bigger we get and the more salvaged food we can feed into people's stomachs, the more demand will change. This will save CO2 but also the fertile land, fresh water and the energy and labor needed to produce and transport excess food.

    In addition to saving resources, food saving has yet another effect - each food is a messenger for the mission we share with our customers. The more you, our customers, speak out about saving food and, for example, serving your guests a dish of salvaged food or giving your team a rescued apple on the job, the more the topic penetrates into the center of society. This will allow you to actively and easily contribute to raising awareness of this important topic. Because every solution has its starting point in the minds and hearts of the people.

    Why do we ship food throughout Germany if we want to save CO2?

    Our goal is to save as much food as we can and give every person in Germany the opportunity to become part of the solution. That's why we decided from the beginning to bring food saved to an online shop to the people's home, because we can save much more food than if only the people living near the savior markets go shopping with us.

    As described above, each saved food saves CO2 and many other resources. These must be contrasted with the extra CO2 output through the delivery. The saved greenhouse gases significantly exceed the greenhouse gases normally emitted by the packages. In our case, this is not relevant at all, because we send our parcels via DPD Total Zero, DHL GoGreen and with ImagineCargo via cargo wheel, ie with CO2 neutral or compensated shipping methods.

    Why did SIRPLUS Impact bring investors on board?

    Since we originally financed SIRPLUS only with loans, we would like to say a few words about why we have changed our approach. For years we have been campaigning against food waste for no money. It all began when Raphael Fellmer 2009 learned that half of all food in Europe is wasted - making him a shovel. 2010 began his 5 ½ year money strike to raise awareness of food waste. Since 2012, when Raphael founded the Food Saver Movement (later foodsharing), he and Martin Schott have been working on the mission to end the food waste. This time was a very special one and we are incredibly proud of what the foodsharing movement has now accomplished through 60.000 volunteers and has achieved social impact. After a few years, foodsharing had become well established, and the model that volunteers pick up from crates of supermarkets, bakeries, restaurants, etc. worked well on a large scale, but we figured it would take at least 180 years for us to waste food in Germany have reduced by 50% and we as humanity do not have so much time and have to act now and in large steps.

    We have long rejected money as a means to realize our visions and goals for a better world. However, we have learned from our previous projects that this will sooner or later push limits. Because as soon as it comes to the rescue of larger quantities, so in the pallet and truck area, can be implemented without money or purely honorary. However, it is necessary to save these large quantities in view of just 8 years remaining for us to massively reduce global greenhouse gas emissions in order to meet the Paris Climate Agreement. On the one hand, it is necessary for the climate, because 8% of all greenhouse gases worldwide are caused by food waste and, secondly, it is ethically unacceptable that over 800 millions of people are still suffering from malnutrition, even though we all starved people four times with all the wasted foods could feed.

    Furthermore, we find it very motivating to be able to create jobs for people with meaning in which they can pursue their vocation, as well as people who have fled to Germany to give a chance and to integrate them. So we decided to build SIRPLUS GmbH. First of all, we made progress and got on with ours Crowdfunding, the support of the European Union by one Accelerator, as well as loans lurch. But there was more and more of a "hand in the mouth" life, money was always tight and we became more aware of the responsibility we have for the almost 100 wonderful people who now work at SIRPLUS that we wanted to provide them with longer-term security.

    In addition, we have recognized that as humanity, we have only a few years left to drive drastic greenhouse gas reductions. Our heart and soul told us that we now have to do our utmost to maximize the unique solution that SIRPLUS has created together with its customers and partners. As the Bavarian Constitution says: "property is obligatory" and the same applies to us with our idea. We want to do our utmost to save as much food as possible, to protect our ecosystem and to offer all people the opportunity to become part of the solution. We want to create awareness and appreciation for food and ensure that even more food is saved, which is why we need to open more stores, send more boxes and do more press work so that we can make a significant contribution to solving this massive problem.

    In short, in order to fulfill our mission not in the distant future, we need more money, because time trickles people out of it. But it is not too late and we all have our responsibility to act today for tomorrow and do everything in our power to protect our ecosystem that gives us life.

    We have reflected a great deal on what has kept us from investors so far - primarily the worry that an investor might want to focus on the return of investment rather than the mission. So we decided to look for Impact Investors who, like us, want to make the world a little better by using their money, network, experience, and ideas to help them shape their future for the future. When we find such people, we can do much more with them than we have done so far.

    Why did we perform in the Cave of the Lions?

    We did not apply at all because we were just looking for impact investors for SIRPLUS. When the request came, we thought for a long time whether we should do that. In the end, we decided that the food waste problem is too big and important for us to take this opportunity to pass.

    Although we were disappointed at first that we could not score with the lions, we are still grateful and above all happy about the experience we were able to make, that in the future hopefully more millions of people in Germany who watched the program would become more aware and aware less lavish to handle food. Because we knew from the beginning that we can only achieve the mammoth task of 50% less food waste to 2030, which also supports the Chancellor Merkel publicly, if we all together change our behavior and food handling and for this the program was a complete success , Because a current Forsa survey has confirmed that the media has a very positive impact on society's behavior by reporting on food value estimation, and that every article or TV show on food waste and the best before date causes less food to be thrown away in private households. In addition, reporting on the topic increases the pressure on trade and producers to be more sustainable and to keep pushing the issue higher in the priority list.

    What is an Impact Investor?

    Impact investing is investment in companies, organizations and funds with the intent to achieve measurable and positive environmental and social benefits in addition to a positive financial return. This distinguishes Impact Investing from classic, pure yield driven investments as well as from Donateie impact investing closes the gap between yield-oriented investments and donations for social purposes. "