Frequently Asked Questions about SIRPLUS

What is SIRPLUS?

SIRPLUS makes food-saving mainstream. We are an impact startup that strengthens food appreciation and brings excess and expired food back into circulation via our rescuer markets in Berlin and our nationwide online shop. We create a win-win-win situation in the environment, win customers and our partners.

What does 'SIRPLUS' mean?

SIRPLUS is a pun and derives from the English word "surplus", which means surplus, oversupply or excess, The name thus reflects the immense surplus of food, which currently accounts for one third of the total production in Germany and which we make accessible to you again.

From the "Sur" we have made a "sir" to symbolize our serviceSo bring food saved to consumers to their homes. In addition, the "sir" is a sign of the appreciation of food, even if they are crooked, have expired or too much was produced. The "plus" stands for the value that food has.

What is your goal?

We want to make the food rescue 'mainstream' and thus massively reduce the waste! We want to value all foods and pave the way back into the cycle of life. We want to offer a solution to all consumers and producers as well as non-profit organizations in order to sustainably reduce waste and overproduction. We want to preserve the resources of our planet!

Who is behind SIRPLUS?

We are a social impact startup from Berlinwhich brings food back into circulation since 2017. The two founders are Raphael Fellmer and Martin Schott. Raphael has already started foodsharing, a food rescue organization that uses 50.000 Foodsaver in Germany, Austria and Switzerland to rescue surplus food on a voluntary basis from more than 5.000 companies. In addition, since the beginning we have received the support of numerous partners and people who help us with our hearts and with our hearts. We are a passionate international team of 70 savior hearts who with joy and verve every day give everything for the food!

Are you a competition for the food and foodsharing tables?

For us, the boards and foodsharing partners. We work closely with other food savers. We also donate food to charities and social projects.

Our partners always give priority to the blackboard. We pick up what other organizations can not save for a variety of reasons.

One of the reasons for this is that they can not accept foods with an expired best before date, can not guarantee compliance with the cold chain, do not have the necessary logistics or do not have the capacity to bring the enormous amounts of excess food back into circulation.

What sets you apart from food and foodsharing?

We pursue the same goal as other organizations that promote food appreciation. We want to further professionalize food conservation and give all people access to surplus food.

Our goal is to supplement the panels and other organizations and work with them to solve the problem holistically. When millions of people are able to consume saved food, it is possible to sustainably reduce food waste.

Where do you get your food from?

Especially from wholesalers, producers and farmers. As distributors deliver their surplus food to us cheaply, they reduce waste costs and increase their commitment to sustainable resource management and social responsibility.

Is it allowed to sell food after the best before date?

A best-before date is not a use-by date. It is legal to sell food that has already passed its sell-by date after verifying its enjoyability and indicating that it has expired.

What is there in the savior market?

We save all food that has gone astray and guide it back towards the plate. We make no exceptions, so there are in our range of organic and non-organic foods. We have packed dry goods, drinks and baked goods. Fruits and vegetables from our farmers reach us in the afternoon.

Already included in the range are frozen products from dairy products to meat and finished products. We also have rescued cosmetics and other everyday items for the kitchen and bathroom.

Our range is flexible, there are often surprises and sometimes products are too simple, because we can never guarantee if and how much will be left.

Do you have organic food?

Our vision is to maximize the impact to achieve. Since currently more than 90% of the agriculture is operated conventionally, so is not certified organic and does not correspond to the organic labels, we have decided both organic food and conventionally grown food to rescue. Even conventional foods want to be loved and usually even have a bigger ecological footprint. So it is worth even more to save these.

We also have a large number of organic products as well as our popular organic savior box, In our savior markets in Berlin as well as in our online shop all organic food are marked.

It is important to save as much food as possible and at the same time to respond to the wishes of our customers, so that both nature and the people are satisfied.

Is there also a delivery service?

Yes! Our SIRPLUS delivery service already exists. It is possible to order food in our online shop, which reliably reaches all households throughout the Federal Republic of Germany.

Does it make sense to send the food across the Federal Republic?

Yes! After all, food that the consumer buys at the supermarket on the spot has already traveled long distances and also consumes many resources through its production and produces CO2.

The extra CO2 output by transporting the food to our warehouse, store or to your home is out of proportion and accounts for only a fraction of the greenhouse gases that have already been created by the production of food - that is, by us and you "saved" or saved.

In addition, the food should come to you as soon as possible, so that they are still good. You do not have to stand in the supermarket queue; People who can not bear heavy become saviors and all have more time for the beautiful things in life - happiness for nature and man!