Crowd Investing

In addition to our incredibly great Impact investors which we have found and together with us become even more food supplies, we also want to give retail investors the opportunity to invest in SIRPLUS. That's why we're launching 2019 in the last quarter with the crowdinvesting platform WiWin a crowdinvesting campaign where you already are pre-register can. At WiWin, anyone involved in sustainable projects (especially, but not limited to, renewable energy) can invest small amounts of money to make their contribution. The difference to crowdfunding is that the private donors do not donate or receive in return products or similar, but the amount plus interest after a certain time is paid back.

The crowdinvesting campaign money at WiWin will be used to raise additional impact capital to launch the franchise system, expand internal structures such as logistics and IT, and SIRPLUS's own brand of salvaged products, which we will then sell in our regular retail stores , to start!

We are thrilled that we can now continue to grow with real Impact investors with a lot of experience, a large network and know-how with SIRPLUS to save even more food and give many more people the opportunity to grow up with us Shaping the world.

Thank you for your interest and we look forward to the future, hopefully with you!

All the best Your Raphael and Martin