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How does the subscription work?

Products are automatically delivered according to the specified schedule and paid upon delivery. Payment is possible via credit card or PayPal.
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The Rescue Box Organic + Vegan M You will find delicious foods that will save you from wasting away: cereals, spreads, snacks, drinks & staple foods. All products are certified organic and vegan.

Save money & save the world!

The products cost in conventional trade at least 79 € and are at least in the savior box Veggie 56% cheaper.

Bio + Vegan Subscription M includes at least 3 rescuers, then you can cancel at any time, The rescuers will be all 4 weeks delivered.

Your subscription benefits

Save another 5 € per box: 34,90 € instead of 39,90 € (Einzelbox)
→ A rescuer every month: You do good things regularly.
→ Free, CO²-neutral delivery: you save time.
→ Try something new: You will discover new Veggie Trends & Superfood.

You do not want to subscribe? Here it goes Einzelbox.

That's still jut!

Note: The food has partially exceeded the expiration date (MHD) or are close to it. The enjoyability of all products is strictly ensured by our quality management, consisting of oecotrophologists and food technologists, through regular sensory controls.

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