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Although I am not saved, I am still very valuable, useful, sustainable and ecological. I would like to offer you the opportunity to deal with you and your environment at every level, in everyday life, in a way that is suitable for the grandchild, ie in a sustainable and conscious way.
Think of you, your health and the health of your environment!

Bingenheimer seed stands for organically produced seed. Therefore, the company trades only with seeds and seedlings of seed-resistant varieties. These are able to produce fertile seeds as they are naturally predisposed. In this respect, seed-resistant varieties are the link between the past and the future of crop development and a symbol of sustainable economic activity. The seeds are all certified according to Demeter guidelines.

Pole Bean Blue Hilde, Sunflower Sunspot and Radish Sora: These three varieties make starting your gardening easy, whether in the garden, on the balcony or on the terrace. And this is how it's done: Beans: From the wondrous blue hilde you'll put 5-6 beans around a long climbing pole. Beans need it moist and warm, then the seeds quickly come to life. From the pretty red flowers develop blue bean pods, which turn green when cooking. Sunflower: Sow the seeds either in larger pots or all 25 cm in the flowerbed. Keeping the earth moist and soon the bright yellow dwarf sunflowers will light up. Radishes: The radish seeds you sow in the row with a distance of 2,5 cm in a balcony box or directly in the garden. If you water regularly, you can harvest bright red radishes after just six weeks.

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