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Medical device for the intensive cleaning of the nose in children from 3 years

The Emcur Kinder Nasenspülsalz is an optimally adapted to the nasal secretion mineral salt mixture. With the bag contents and 125 ml of water you can create a solution that fits perfectly into the filling volume of the Emcur children's shower and gently clears small noses of mucus, dust, dirt, allergens and pathogens.
Emcur Kinder Nasenspülsalz multimineral cleanses the nose not only such. As conventional cooking or sea salt, but contains additional minerals with beneficial functions:

  • Sodium hydrogen carbonate for the dissolution of viscous secretions and neutralization of inflammatory metabolites
  • Potassium sulfate to help reduce mucous membrane swelling and improve blood circulation
  • Natural source salt for remineralization and revitalization of the nasal mucosa
Application areas:
  • For the prevention and treatment of acute or chronic runny nose with severe mucus formation (snot nose), recurrent infections in episodes of enlarged tonsils (adenoids, popularly polyps)
  • For treatment of sinusitis
  • For the supportive treatment of pollen allergy

Natural source salt, sodium, sodium chloride, Potassium sulfate.

Expiration date: 06.2019

Product details:
Brand: Emcur
Quantity: 20 x 1,25g
Country of origin: Germany

Emcur health products from Bad Ems GmbH, Mainzer Straße 1c, 56130 Bad Ems

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