Zero Waste Dinner with Sophia Hoffmann

Working on a third cookbook is extremely impressive, but dedicating it entirely to the topic of zero waste, which is currently on everyone's lips, but far too little is being implemented in today's consumer society, not only inspires us. The whole capital is on fire!

Sophia Hoffmann, a vegan cook, a feminist and generally just cool, organizes small, sweet 'Zero Waste Dinners' with rescued products from SIRPLUS, which you would like to go to every time, because everything looks so great, it tastes wonderful and you just enjoy yourself feels good all around.

Why Zero Waste Kitchen?

My next cookbook will be dedicated to the topic of food utilization and appreciation. I would never have thought of writing a book, because that was always a matter of course for me.
At some point I noticed the following:
When I shared a dish, like this colorful leftovers bowl, my readers asked for the recipe. I did not have one, but improvised and used.
Since I believe that this approach is easy to learn and internalize, I want to create a book that makes it as accessible as possible and serves as a reference book.
Of course, there are also tips on purchasing, waste prevention, storage and a colorful cornucopia of recipe ideas. I'm looking forward to presenting it to you!

- Sophia Hoffmann

But what does Zero Waste mean?

Zero Waste is not a way of life that you translate from one day to the next. A sustainable philosophy that requires less buying, waste, raw materials and, above all, more knowledge, requires understanding and appropriation. If you try it out here and there, you soon realize that it's worth it and does it incredibly well!
Zero Waste may be the current buzzword, but the actual concept is not really new.

If you ask Grandma and Grandpa, they probably will not know what to do with the term.
With the recycling of food leftovers, the Einkochen of Fallobst and tips and tricks for potato peels and Co. but already. If you grew up in a time when there was not much and you had to manage what you had, it is a matter of course to spare your personal resources and use them so that they last as long as possible.

The fact that we now hear the term 'zero waste' so often again, has something to do with the environmental awareness, which has developed more and more in recent years and decades and for which we, but also Sophia Hoffmann and so many others, us use.

Let's take this time our grandparents as a role model!

For SIRPLUS, Zero Waste is a destination for which every employee works every day. Our contribution is primarily to save food that would otherwise have landed in the bin. So it's automatically more Zero Waste shopping with us than in a normal supermarket.
Through our two shops in Wilmersdorf and Steglitz, the market stall in Kreuzberg and the online shop, we try to reach as many people as possible.

Sophia Hoffmann's new book appears at the beginning of 2019 and deals with food appreciation, conscious consumption and simple, accessible cooking ideas.
So it's not just going to be a cookbook, but a guide to make it easier for everyone to integrate Zero Waste into their everyday lives.
In the course of this, Sophia in Berlin organizes a series of Zero Waste Dinners, during which she tries out different recipes and techniques and conjures them up to wonderful, plant 5-course-menus.
We think it's wonderful that she creates such great culinary dishes from our rescued products.

So if you fancy a Zero Waste Dinner where you can not only experience something new culinary, but also learn a lot, then get in touch here for a dinner with Sophia and enjoy salvaged food².

The photos were taken by the wonderful Sandra Socha made available.

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