We are at the start! About 5000 happy customers in the SirPlus Store

Dear Crowd,

on the 08. September we officially opened our first SirPlus Store and you made that possible! 1000 Thanks to you, your trust and support! We still have the overwhelming euphoria and mood in our hearts that brought us the opening day.

Impatient and over punctual, our first customers, frantic reporters and lovable helpers were waiting for the cut through the red ribbon and the step over the threshold.

Together we have created something very special!

Like overnight, the construction site, in which dozens have participated, has been transformed into a ready-made shop: yardstick becomes a vegetable scale, construction work becomes a hustle and bustle, a handyman a sack truck, a break-falafel a savior, and a scaffolding a baloon garland.

The shared euphoria was very special and has heated our hearts to the utmost. Because it can not be often enough, we again send a lot of thanks to you, to all your helping hands and to all your hearts that believe in us!

Partners, sponsors, supporters and helpers are also immortalized and revered in the shop on our Wall of Fame.

In addition to the 'Wall of Fame' now shines our still small but super fine first choice of salvaged food, which actually has everything a rescuer heart desires: We save all the food that has strayed from the path, and lead them back towards Plate. Our range always has room for surprises. For starters, we have packed dry goods, fruits and vegetables (usually comes only in the afternoon), baked goods and drinks of all kinds. What is still waiting are chilled goods, but also we will include in our offer and together with you on Save the end of everything that is still edible!

In addition, there are soon not only rescued food, but also food rescue tips from us. We have a mission: We want all food, whether too crooked or too big, expired or with blemish, to return their deserved appreciation and lead them to where they are eaten! Together with you we want to realize our vision of a world without food waste and also make all people who get to know us first, draw attention to the problem and the solution. On our website, on facebook and on Youtube, we will inform you about how we can all do our part so that food waste becomes history and we can come closer together to our vision.

For this we are still looking for motivated interns who work in the Store, warehouse, Marketing, Customer Service, IT support, HR area, Business Development or as General assistant want to get involved in order to achieve great things together! There is also a full time job as Warehouse, Delivery & Logistics Manager to forgive. The various tasks can be found on our website under 'Jobs & Internships'. We are looking forward to new faces!

Your faces are also sincerely welcome in the store. Have a look! And if you have a long way to Berlin, you can look forward to the 'Saving Box', where we send the rescued food on its way to you and thus back into the cycle of life and appreciation. The first rescuers will be sent out in early October, and by Christmas they will all have their thanks. We're pushing for your packages to come to you as soon as possible! Thank you very much for your patience and trust!

Sincerely your Raphael, Martin, Alex, Katharina, Michael, Leonard, Gawan, Waltraud, Caro, Katrin, Magdalena, Marusha, Katharina, Nico, Anja, Katharina, Dennis, Stefan and Jeremy

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