We won the Next Economy Award

On Friday, the winners of the 11 were. German Sustainability Award announced. And SIRPLUS received the Next Economy Award for our commitment to appreciating food.

We are incredibly happy and proud of this great award.

The German Sustainability Award is awarded, in cooperation with the Federal Government, to actors and projects for your outstanding achievements in the field of sustainability in business, municipalities and research. Prominent faces such as US actor Richard Gere, West African singer Angélique Kidjo and Irish musician Rea Garvey were honored for their commitment in the evening. The largest German sustainability award was presented for the fourth time in Dusseldorf and ceremoniously handed over by State Secretary Claudia Dörr-Voß.

Not just the high profile Jury has voted, but also the audience.
Here you can watch the 60 seconds elevator pitch by co-founder Raphael Fellmer.

We won the Next Economy Award in the Resources category at Europe's biggest award for environmental and social commitment - juchuuuuu!

By now, we are already more than 70 savior hearts, committed to putting an end to food waste every day.

But without you, our wonderful customers who daily in our 4 Savior markets in Berlin and ours Online Shop Save all this would not be possible.
That's why a very special thank you goes to you!
Together we have been able to save 2017 more than 1000 tons of food since the opening of our first savior market in Berlin Charlottenburg in September, thus saving 4500 tons of CO2 from waste.

Credentials: Dariusz Misztal

Since November, we have also been represented in the East Side Mall in Berlin Friedrichshain, so that now the east of Berlin can diligently save.

We also had our kick-off on the 25.11 for the multiplier program for students, which aims to motivate more children and adolescents to engage in food appreciation and establish policies for this in their schools.

Of course we could not save all the food without our more than 300 great partners working with us for more food appreciation.

It is also very important to emphasize once again that we do not compete with non-profit initiatives such as Tafel eV or foodsharing. We are complementary to these organizations, sourcing our food directly from producers and wholesalers and offering them at fair prices, so that all people in ours can enjoy it Savior markets as well as Online Shop can save.

Because we all have the same goal and work together to achieve this.

We are looking forward to the New Year and all the food we will save together.

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