We celebrate with you almost 3 months SirPlus Store

Dear Crowd,

So much has happened in the last weeks! We are completely stunned and touched by the great support we receive from you and many others. Only through the cooperation of many, we are with SirPlus where we are today. That's why we want to share our joy about all these developments and give you a little insight.

Shipping the rescuer boxes

We are spinning at full speed and have been able to deliver 200 rescue boxes to our dear supporters of crowdfunding! Until the latest 23.12 all supporters should keep their savior box in their hands! And, as it seems, many are happy, because we have already received the first enthusiastic thank-you mail: "I would not have expected to get so many great things from you - I do not know where to go." Wrote a supporter. Hach ... that's where the savior heart comes in. Thanks for participating, you are simply the best!

SirPlus rescue box

Our team is looking for reinforcement

There are still exciting ones internships at SirPlus, whether in the store, warehouse or office, but we are also looking for two permanent employees:

logistics Director

We are looking for the man who next year ensures that tens of thousands of packages are sent and thousands of pallets are properly stored and picked. Maybe you are exactly the one or the right person for the position of "Head of Warehouse, Delivery & Logistics". In addition to the idea of ​​offering rescued food in our "Food Outlet Stores", we want to exploit the possibilities of online networking and save and communicate even more food via a web shop. For this project we need a well-functioning logistics network and a motivated professional who is in the mood for a new challenge. If you are curious now, then look here the detailed job description. We look forward to you!

SirPlus Team

Motorist in local traffic

We are currently looking for rescuers on wheels who would like to become part of our mission! Working part-time or as a freelancer, you are the interface between warehouses, cooperation partners and the SirPlus Food Outlet in Berlin and thus the poster child for our partners. If you want to get involved and want to know more about your future role, have a look here.

By the way: If you know someone who knows someone who knows ... you know the game. Then share these tenders in your social media channels. Thank you!

And the winner is ... "SirPlus"!

In October, the 5 was part of the "Berlin Food Week". Think Tank #Next Generation Food instead. At the annual award ceremony for the best "e-food business idea", SirPlus took first place. As a prize Raphael was allowed to receive an 250.000 Euro media voucher from "Ströer Media", which we can use to advertise on video space in Berlin! This will help us to make SirPlus even better known and will enable us to recycle large amounts of excess food!

SirPlus Store full of people

Coffee scent in the SirPlus Store

For all coffee addicts among us there is terrific news. In our beautiful shop, there are now freshly brewed coffee. Rescued, Organic and Fairtrade by Ethiquable, Is it even better? Yes, it works: Finally, no guilty conscience when to-go coffee!

Because environmentalism and sustainability are important to us, we do not use disposable cups, of course. Instead, we opted for the returnable deposit system of RECUP decided.

recup & SirPlus

The idea: In each participating café you get your coffee in a to-go mug, which is provided with a euro pledge. As with a returnable bottle, you return it after use in a participating café of your choice and the cup comes back cleaned in the circulation. Without garbage, without sacrificing enjoyment!

And because we just found the idea super-strong, we jumped into the reCup boat right away. Since mid-November, customers can buy fresh coffee plus reCup from us at the SirPlus Store! And of course return!

Fruit & vegetables in the SirPlus Store

organic vegetables

We are regularly asked by our very conscious customers if our fruits and vegetables are organic. We are basically the opinion: Whether organic or not, we want to show all the food their deserved appreciation and therefore we save every morning super edible, mostly conventional fruits and vegetables from the Berlin Wholesale Market.

But there is also much to save in organic farming and more and more farmers and traders are coming to us to recycle surplus food in cooperation with SirPlus. For example, the farm Ubuntu from Brandenburg, which supplies SirPlus every Thursday with carrots, parsnips and potatoes in organic quality. All vegetables, which the regular trade does not want. For these treasures come now to us and from there in your stomachs. Good Appetite!

Bauer Lutz from the Ubuntu farm partner of SirPlus

That was a quick but informative insight into the SirPlus everyday life! We are looking forward to reporting many new developments and events in the coming weeks!

Greetings and many thanks to you!


Your SirPlus team

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