We are celebrating a birthday

365 days,
food saved via 700 tons,
800 tons CO2, which was not wasted,
200.000 customers,
3 savior markets
and countless great savior hearts.

One year ago, with the opening of our first savior market in Berlin Wilmersdorf, we laid the foundation for more food appreciation, sustainability and climate protection.

On your marks, get set, go!
After we thank you more than 90.000 € by our Crowdfunding campaign In September, we were able to implement 2017, our plan to make food-saving mainstream reality.
At this time, the SIRPLUS team consisted of 3 members and the assortment of 30 various products that were on sale in our first savior market.

Photo credits: Maja Seidel

12 Months later, 60 has incredibly great and hardworking rescuers for the team, and we already have several products on offer through 300.
For the exciting months in our first savior market, where we expanded our fruit and vegetables and chilled product range, 2018 was launched in mid-January Online shops, with which we provide nationwide since then all hard-working supporters with rescued food and thus finally make it possible for all people in Germany to become a savior at the click of a mouse.
Due to the incredibly positive response and the many requests for further savior markets, we are looking for a location for the 2 at the beginning of the year. Go to the Savior Market.

And in July it was finally time - within 3 weeks, we have, thanks to many supportive hands, an old drugstore store in Berlin Steglitz turned into our biggest savior market so far, and even saved the entire shelving system. On the first day, 1000 customers have already been in the 450qm large store and have tried our assortment and saved what it takes!

The strong SIRPLUS representation in the west of Berlin was followed by the opening of our market stall in Berlin Market Hall Nine in Berlin Kreuzberg. Since then every Friday and Saturday can be rescued in East Berlin

Photo credits: Markthalle Nine

In addition to our 3 savior markets in Berlin, we also went to a variety of festivals this summer.
We have you in common with us cross field On the melt !, 3000Grad, the Fusion, the Artlake and many other great festivals with saved food, so you could spend hours dancing well through the night.

Too far away? Become an online reseller
Also in ours Online Shop a lot has happened.
Many new products have been added including a bulging Bio and a Office Series Retterbox.
The boxes are now also very comfortable in the Sub order, so you get delivered every few weeks a Care package of salvaged products on your doorstep. In addition to the Klassik Saving box in vegan and vegetarian, there are now also the Bio Savior box as well as the Bürobox in subscription.

And you may be curious - we still have dozens of great new projects and products for the next boxes in the pipeline.
We are incredibly excited about what we have been doing together over the last 12 months and the whole thing was possible thanks to your support! ,

Food supplies in the middle of society
Every year, according to one land Study of the WWFs 1,3 billion tons of food worldwide on the trash. In Germany alone, the 18 is millions of tons of food per year, which is equivalent to about one truckload per minute. Frightening! In particular, considering that the world population continues to grow and we need to increase global food production in the future, human beings should continue to be as wasteful as before. Our big goal is to increase the appreciation of food, so that the topic can arrive in the middle of society.

For this reason, we are particularly proud that 300 media reports have taken up the issue of food waste, but above all, the appreciation of all foods and thus we have reached millions of people. We were already allowed to guest in TV shows, like Markus Lanz and a The best deal but also in the FAZ infecting and inspiring many people of our mission and vision.

We are sure this is still going on, so that food appreciation can be incorporated into our everyday routines and so many more people can be happy to help us at home or with us, thus bringing the SIRPLUS brand to the public's attention.

The fact that we are bringing an important topic to the center of society is illustrated by all the great awards we received in the last year. This includes the Federal Prize "Too good for the bin"From the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture, the 2. Place at the "EY Public Value Award", as well as the election for "Excellent place 'in the land of ideas, Also membership in the EU Accelerator "Climate-KIC"Europe's largest public-private network for innovation against climate change has been incredibly supportive of becoming what SIRPLUS is now. Through Climate KIC we received a total of 1.5 financial support, great mentors at our side, individual workshops and probably the most beautiful office space in Schöneberg am Gasometer.

It is also incredibly important to us not only to save food, but also to generate solutions and awareness of the topic - and that without the raised index finger.
With our direct education Through our education consultant Johanna in the form of training courses, workshops and lectures at schools, universities, companies and in our savior markets, we were able to help thousands of people with food safety tips, statistics, various rescuer actions and practical examples.

Tackle together!
Since the beginning, it has been important to existing organizations, such as the Panel only to be completed and as well METROwhere six times a week at two Berlin branches we only save what the tables did not take. additionally spenden we 20% of salvaged food to nonprofit organizations such as Tables & Co. We have been able to pass on almost 200.000 salvaged food to clubs and social projects.

Through this development we have managed to increase our direct impact on food saved via 700 tons. This corresponds to 816 tonnes of CO2that would have been wasted. A little more figuratively, these are the emissions that will be saved if we put 70 midsize cars out of service for one year. With each further savior market, every education workshop, online shopping and every B2B customer, we can further protect the environment and give even more people the opportunity to do something about food waste.

Photo credits: Maja Seidel

One thing is certain: all this would not have been possible without the great support. Thanks go to every single person, company or organization that addresses the appreciation of our means of life and tries to make the world a little better together with us. Only together can we make a difference, massively and sustainably reduce food waste, and thus preserve valuable resources of our planet, and transform our lifestyle into a true grandchild, and we do no more harm to nature.

1000 thanks!

For the next 365 days and many more tons of salvaged food!

One of the ideas I liked was about the Battle of the Plains of Abraham. I wanted to show a young and modern crowd running onto the plains to make it the front of the stage with French and British soldiers peppered in amongst them. Louis liked the concept but the board didn't. By then, there were three weeks left before the start of the festival and I still hadn't gotten a green light to start drawing. That's when I gave them an ultimatum: I had to begin my final illustrations if we wanted to print the thousands of posters neces-sary in time for opening day.

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