Who will be food savvy 2018? #zgfdt18

SirPlus is nominated for the Federal Award "Too Good for the Tonne" #zgfdt18 by the Ministry of Food and Agriculture 2018. This honors us very much and is an additional motivation for us!

Too good for the bin

SirPlus and 14 other projects are nominated for the Federal Award "Too good for the ton" of the Federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture, The announcement and presentation of the prize will take place at the 18.4.2018. We are extremely excited and wish each other so or so that this price is a great radiant power to bring movement in the existing conditions.

Target of the United Nations and Germany: Reduction of food waste by 50% to 2030

In this context, we would also like to point out the BMEL's "Initative Food Values", in which Germany also commits to and develops strategies for the United Nations' goal of reducing food waste by 50% to 2030.

Reduce waste by 50 percent 2030

Avoidable food waste in private households

This infographic informs about the distribution of preventable and partly preventable food waste in private households by product group: vegetables and fruits, bakery and pasta, leftovers, dairy products, beverages, meat and fish, miscellaneous, such as sweets. Source: Study by the University of Stuttgart, 2012

avoid waste what do we throw away

We also wish all other nominated projects much success in the common mission of saving food!

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