SirPlus at the International Fair: "Fruit Logistica 2018"

Fruit Logistics

The "Fruit Logistics"is the leading trade fair for international fruit trade, organized by the Italian Embassy, Confagricoltura, Fruitimprese and the Italian Chamber of Commerce, An important appointment for SirPlus looking for new partners.

SirPlus Fruit Logistica 2018 Raphael Fellmer

SirPlus is a guest there today, and our Raphael Fellmer gave a talk on food rescue yesterday at the welcome event. "If food waste were a country, it would be the third largest CO2 issuer after China and the US."

SirPlus at the Fruit Logistica Raphael Fellmer with Mira

Even today, we are on the road and looking for new partners to save food and fruits in this case. Meet our manager for Business Developement the dear Mira and get into conversation with her!

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