SirPlus and be'kech the "anti-café"

Today we want you the "Anti-Café" and the Co-Working Space be'kech imagine. The special thing about this cafe: You do not pay for food or drinks, just for the time you spend here.


For 5 cent the minute or 15 Euro a day you get free wifi, access to printer / scanner, possibility to use Skype cabins and a conference room.

There are delicious tea and coffee as well as vegan and vegetarian Dishes their ingredients, and now it comes from our savior market come! That means you can do something good at work and at work saved food consume.

The foods that are not from SirPlus are of course organic, fair, regional, vegan or vegetarian and always prepared with love and especially fresh. In addition, the Café regularly hosts small concerts, film screenings and other inspiring events.

Of course, be'kech is not a place for sexism, homophobia, racism, prejudice against other religions, violence or aggressive behavior. A very clear recommendation from us!

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