SIRPLUS T-shirts

Hooray! They were longed for and finally our new T-shirts and sweatshirts for the SIRPLUS team arrived.
Just in time for the opening of our new savior market in the East Side Mall on 10. November we could proudly represent SIRPLUS in the brand new and snow white shirts.
Of course, not only in food but also in textiles is responsible and sustainable consumption important. That is why we have been looking for a company that will represent these values ​​for the printing of our new shirts. We are on our search for a suitable textile printing company Cantana who offer a bio textile printing service in Germany.

At SIRPLUS, of course, we want nature and people to be taken into consideration, and that's where we ended up at Cantana. About the Love Green Concept Cantana only uses organic textiles that come from controlled organic farming and that dispenses with harmful pesticides and chemicals during cultivation. Especially cotton plants are susceptible to pests and in conventional cultivation therefore no other crop is so intensively treated with pesticides, fertilizers, growths and defoliants. This is not only harmful to the workers in the growing countries, but also to the residents. The surrounding waters and soils are heavily polluted by pesticides, so that they partially reach the groundwater and drinking water.

The working conditions in textile production are often very questionable. Imagine you would get into trouble every time you go to the bathroom during your working hours. This is how it is for the workers in the usual fast-fashion factories. Often these are not allowed on the toilet at all. For this reason, Cantana also pays attention to fair wages and stable employment relationships in the soil cultivation countries, to counteract the exploitation and inhumane working conditions of farmers, workers and child labor.

Since the founding of Cantana in 2008 they specialize in the printing of fair and / or organic textiles. Meanwhile, Cantana also has a huge assortment of fair and organic textiles. Among them you will find, among others T-Shirts, Polo shirts, Sweatshirts, Bags + Turnbeutel and accessories. Cantana can then print or embroider the items as desired. The printing takes place locally in Germany. A special service for all people who want to start their own fashion labels, is the label printing: A great way to get your own logo printed in the collar or neck.

However, what we liked best was the contact with Cantana. Any questions were always answered quickly and nicely. When in doubt about the sizes we were conscientiously advised until there was no doubt.

We are very happy about our new T-shirts and sweatshirts and we are happy about the cooperation with Cantana. 1000 Thanks to Cantana!
And if you also feel like a cool SIRPLUS T-shirt, you can do it online with us here order in different sizes.

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