SirPlus is looking for technology partners

SirPlus is looking for technology partners

Almost six months after the opening of our first SirPlus store, our company continues to evolve. We thank you for it, because all this would never have been possible without you! This means many new opportunities to tackle food waste: more donations, more partnerships, more employees and more salvaged food. However, our success also means new needs, and You can help us!

Currently we are looking for IT equipment: For our work in the warehouse, in the store and in the office, we need more for our fast-growing team Laptops and printers. We are very happy if you had surplus IT equipment that is no longer needed but still in good condition. Every contribution is welcome!

You work for a company that wants to support us? If you can imagine a partnership with us, do not hesitate to contact us! Especially for our marketing team we are looking for powerful laptops / computersthat enable us to communicate more efficiently and reach more people!

Send your suggestions like, we look forward to your message!

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