SirPlus is now looking for temporary shop space in Berlin

Dear Crowd,

JUUHUU, we already have 1.320 supporters, who believe in the idea and mission of SirPlus! Really impressive and beautiful to see how the subject moves people and media!

In recent weeks, we have withdrawn a bit to look for our operational 'Roadmap, hygiene issues, warehousing, delivery, job and internship descriptions and to take care of a catering event with salvaged food. So we can start quickly, we have decided with a first temporary pilot food outlet store to start ('LEAN STORE') and maybe you can help us with that?

The background is that our partners are already offering us larger volumes of surplus food, which of course we want to bring back into circulation as quickly as possible. Therefore, we do not want to waste any time and now also start operations with the LEAN STORE concept at our Berlin location. The LEAN STORE is almost the early version of our later system consisting of long-term store & delivery service.

Therefore we are looking for a temporary location in Berlin for the LEAN STORE with the following criteria:

  • Suitable for retail
  • Period: 3-6 months or more, with a limited rental period
  • Costs: pro bono or on favorable terms
  • space: 50 - 200 m² (with water, electricity and ideally storage)
  • Location: Within the Berlin S-Bahn Ring (preferred in or near Schöneberg) with a lot of foot traffic
  • In the best case, the object is empty anyway because of renovations and can therefore be used cheaply or free of charge
  • Ideal little to no conversion / renovation needed without entitlement to modern or newly renovated property

We would very happy if you search in your network share and keep your eyes open! We look forward to tips and contacts from you. Your suggestions like

Our crowdfunding campaign is still under 30 days and there will soon be exciting new thank-you, surprises and a phenomenal graduation party at the 13.07 which will only take place thanks to our great interns. 1.000 Thanks to all those who helped us in the last months!

Thank you for your support - only together with you we can move!

Best regards and sun from Berlin for you!

Your SirPlus team
Natalie, Nelson, Katharina, Alex, Emma, ​​Martin, Isabel, Laura & Raphael

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