SIRPLUS is on strike at the 20. September for the climate and calls everyone to join!

On the 20.09. is the third global climate strike, cost worldwide Millions of people will take to the streets and work for the Paris Climate Goals ( are loud - and SIRPLUS is of course!

More than school children, trainees and students are needed to meet the Paris climate goals and climate protection. It's about time we all get together and get involved. Something has to happen at last and that's what needs us, you and me to stand up for the climate on the 20.09. Because while at 20. September in Berlin, the Climate Cabinet meets and prepares in New York one of the most important UN summit of the year, #FridaysForFuture call for the largest climate strike of all time!

We from SIRPLUS are there and strike with. Because we have made it our mission through our work, or the saving of food, not only to do something against world hunger, but also against the climate crisis.

Ever since childhood, our founders Martin and Raphael, Thoughts on Sustainability, have been making a more just world and how we can all live together in peace.

Raphael has been in 5 for years money strike lived to one To put signsthat we have to stop talking, but have to use all our energy for a future worthy of grandchildren!

It is time to act and we all have to do something because we have only a few years left to avoid an ecological and ethical disaster.

As Margaret Mead said so beautifully:

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. "

We are thrilled to take the entire staff of almost 100 people of SIRPLUS together on the road and show their colors together.

In doing so, we would like to ask all companies and entrepreneurs, employees, clubs, universities, schools, etc., to take part: Let's go to 20. Strike together in September and demonstrate for the climate. Pause for a moment, the animals and plants and trees that make life on our planet possible.

Join us and talk with your friends, relatives, colleagues and all the people you know about the biggest climate strike in history ( SPREAD THE WORD.

Photo: Luisa Neubauer

All the best,
Raphael, Martin and the entire SIRPLUS team

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