SirPlus donates snacks and drinks to HiMate!

What would a party be without snacks and drinks? Pretty boring, exactly.

sirplus donates snacks and drinks to HiMate

That's why we're so happy we HiMate can assist with our treats.

HiMate! creates moments of exchange between people with different cultural and social backgrounds -
informal and at eye level. You can achieve this through free vouchers for cultural and leisure activities and own community events.

This Friday at 09.02.2018, HiMate organizes a Silent Disco Party to bring people from different backgrounds together. The idea is great and worth supporting, just have a look their side .

We thank ours partnerswho made this donation possible!

You also want to receive a food donation? Fill ours Donation form and we'll contact you if your organization is eligible for a donation.

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