SirPlus | New partner Wilmersburger - The vegan cheese alternative

We are very happy to welcome our new partner Wilmer Burger to introduce you! The vegan cheese alternative is now available at our store in Wilmersdorfer Straße. Get the "luck in slices"!

SirPlus | Partner Wilmersburger

Special features:
  • vegan
  • purely vegetable
  • non dairy
  • lactose free
  • without genetic technology
  • gluten-free varieties
  • soya-free varieties

We have pizza cheese in the 1Kg package, optimally z.Bsp. for celebrations, birthdays, children's parties or similar, if you want to bake homemade pizza or quickly turn the leftovers from the day before to a delicious casserole / gratin. Also for bread or as a snack, the cream cheese in 2 is suitable for different sorts and also for classic slice cheese as cheese toast / sandwich.
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