SIRPLUS in Neukölln

Hello Neukölln,

After having to say goodbye to our first-ever savior market in Wilmersdorfer Straße in March, we are pleased that after a long search with the Karl-Marx-Strasse 108 in Neukölln, we have found a new location.
For over a week, we switched things around late at night in the shop of the former FoodOutlet24, built shelves and made the shop pretty.

Thanks to the help of the former FoodOutlet24, whose location we were able to take over including inventory, assortment and employees, we were able to open a new shop so quickly. Because many of you have asked for a SIRPLUS store in the Neukölln neighborhood. Since the 10.04. Now all Neuköllner can save food locally and support our mission. In the assortment you will find not only rescued food, but also products that help you to live more sustainably. Like the toilet paper from bucket toilet or the plastic-free bottles of the Berlin startup soulbottles, In addition, as in the other savior markets, there are fresh fruit every day from the Berlin hypermarket and our partner cross field.

We would like to thank the girls and guys from FoodOutlet24 for taking over the former location and of course our crowd. Thank you very much for always helping us so much and helping us fight the food waste. It would not be possible without you. Thank you! <3

In the first three months of this year alone, we were able to rescue 500.000 products in front of the ton with you. And of course we want to expand this with our new savior market.

We are working hard to open many more sites and look forward to your visit and to telling all your friends and acquaintances about SIRPLUS. And for those who can not visit us personally, we want ours Online Shop to heart once more. There you can shop 24 / 7 and order from 29,90 € even free shipping.

SIRPLUS savior market
Karl Marx Street 108
12043 Berlin

Opening hours:
Monday to Saturday
10.00 - 20.00 clock

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