SirPlus wins federal award "Too good for tonne 2018" for its commitment to food waste

SirPlus has the price "Too good for the ton of 2018"
- received for commitment against food waste in the category "trade". The award was presented by Federal Minister Klöckner and TV chef Christian Rach. (PM BMEL)

All rescuers are winners

We are very happy and very touched. We are particularly pleased that this subject receives so much attention and is so well received by the public, because only when we all change something can we make the world a better place.

The last months have been eventful and we did not expect so much support. Our team has worked hard and done a great job, but it would not have been possible without the crowd, our visitors to the Savior Market and our partners. At this point again a giant Thank you to all who save food with us. We would like to thank the other initiatives that were nominated in our category: Hiebers Fresh Center KG with their foodsharing homes and Penny, which offers vegetables with stains. In the area of ​​food waste, there are only winners, as long as you are committed to food appreciation.

Most important price for the appreciation of food

SirPlus Team Wins "Too Good for the Ton 2018" Federal Award
According to a WWF study, 18 millions of tons of food are thrown away every year. Since 2012 there is the initiative "too good for the ton", which is committed against this waste. The project was founded by the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture and since 2016 is now also the federal award - "Too good for the ton" awarded. The prize is awarded in different categories such as gastronomy or trade.

Award for DingsDums Dumplings

dingsdumplings berlin

With much interest and joy we also followed the nominees of the other categories. So many great projects are rarely seen in one place and it is an honor to meet all of us once. We especially like the prize of the sponsorship for our partner DingsDums Dumplingswho offered delicacies saved on our Euref campus at the launch of our crowdfunding campaign in April 2017. The DingsDums Dumplings team manufactures and sells handcrafted dumplings made from excess foods, most of which come from SirPlus. These can be ordered for catering and at 14. In April the team opened a restaurant in Berlin-Kreuzberg at Görlitzer Park - address: Wiener Straße 34.

Raphael Fellmer has been awarded for the second time

Incidentally, this is not the first prize co-founder and CEO Raphael Fellmer has received for his commitment to food appreciation. Already 2016 he received the award in the category "Education" with the initiative Foodsharing. is an Internet platform for distributing surplus food. Since 2012 there is now foodsharing and since then 200.000 people have registered there. In addition, foodsharing sees itself as an education policy movement and is committed to sustainable environmental and consumer goals. Among other things, they are campaigning for a disposable stop and against the packaging madness of the supermarkets. With these and other topics, they are present at events or in the media and start their own actions.

Images: © BMEL Christof Rieken, SirPlus, DingsDums Dumplings.

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