Review of 7 Weeks SirPlus Store & Start Shipping

Dear Crowd,

Seven weeks have passed since the opening of our SirPlus store in Wilmersdorfer Strasse. In this exciting time, our store team of dedicated interns has expanded even further, ten thousand customers have come in and out, and lots of supplies of salvaged food have arrived and found their way into the savior's hearts of savior hearts.

Full fruit & vegetable shelf in SirPlus Store

We are incredibly thankful for the great responseAll those people who care and bring life to the store give it to us. With so many different people all sharing the joy of food saving, there are lots of great conversations and stories that make working for the whole SirPlus team such a great pleasure. Also in the media was reported on SirPlus diligently such as at ARD, ZDF, German wave, RTL as well as many newspapers.

SirPlus Team

We are still looking for motivated people who want to complete an internship with us, be it in the store, in the office or warehouse, more information here.

In the weeks before the opening, Aki, a passionate filmmaker in Kiel, comes across SirPlus over the internet and is thrilled with the concept. Spontaneously he offers to shoot a small image film about the shop. Since we are all out of this idea, he comes to Berlin for the film and shoots during the last renovation and opening, until he proudly presents his first result on his last evening in the capital. As soon as the movie is online we will let you know. In advance you can the Photos from his friend Leo, who were born on the opening day.

Opening of the SirPlus Store

In the first few days at the SirPlus Store, a customer solemnly hands us a cut newspaper article about our store, lovingly framed, "as an opening gift".

The inspiration we share with our fellow human beings, co-rescuers and staff is incredibly valuable and motivates us every day anew.

Example rescue box from SirPlus

One of the nicest things for everyone at SirPlus is how many different people find their way to us day after day. In the meantime, we are discovering familiar faces among customers, whether it is the kids who regularly buy their 5-cent crackers from accumulated cash, the assets of and other food-wasting initiatives, or the neighbors who are after the Take a work-away snack or baguette with you ...

Full fruit & vegetable corner in SirPlus Store

A boy comes to the cash register with a handful of change and puts down a bottle. The money is counted. SirPlus employee: "Unfortunately, that's not quite enough." Without words, the young man in the queue behind the child puts a 50 cent piece to it. As the boy thanks, he smiles. Rescue means to share!

A little getting used to is our range for the customers, which of course can not compete with that of a normal supermarket, especially at the beginning. After all, SirPlus only has what's left over elsewhere and can not just order products that sell well. There is always something new and surprises in the assortment.

Slanted cucumbers"Krass, age!" Is the involuntary exclamation of a student who had to pay for bananas, apples, plums, nectarines and Knabberkram just three euros.
A customer brings a packaged kilogram of lamb's lettuce to the cash register and asks: "Can I buy only half of it?" Unfortunately, we can only give the salad as a whole. When a lady who just wants to go out to the door hears that, she turns around and comes back. "Is the kilo too much for you?", She asks the customer, "Do we want to share?". Spontaneously, the amount is paid in half, the package opened and evenly distributed on two bags, before both go their way satisfied.

We are still overwhelmed by the response that has come to us - in advance through the crowdfunding campaign and partner companies, now through a friendly, very mixed clientele - thank you! For the trust, for the sincere criticism and suggestions for improvement and for the appreciation!

Katrin presents our bread counter from the SirPlus Store

Keep an eye on your email inbox. Soon we will send a personal mail regarding your well-deserved rescuers' boxes and other thank-you from crowdfunding. The first test savior boxes have already been packed and shipped within Berlin. In November, the nationwide shipping starts and until Christmas you have your thank you in your hands! Thank you for your patience and trust!

The first rescue boxes from SirPlus are packed and sent


Your SirPlus team

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