Rettertipp N ° 4 | Cabbage, cabbage and cabbage again

Kohl: The vitamin bomb from our latitudes

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Hundreds of years ago, explorers at sea knew that kale is a food that is well suited to meet people's need for vitamins and protect them from scurvy. Cabbage grows at home and not only at the destination of a month-long journey in tropical regions.

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The Rettertipp N ° 4 is therefore about the correct storage of cabbage

Important: Kohl wants not in wet towels otherwise, it molds easily and is no longer a winter vitamin bomb.
Kohl stores best protected from light and cool.
Hanging, with the large leaves bent upwards or in a wooden box in the dry cellar, in cabinets, which are in cool rooms, at the bottom or in the vegetable compartment of the refrigerator.

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