Dehydrator - Saved fruit & vegetables in the form of edible paper

Who does not know edible paper? Our partner dried plant take you back to your childhood while saving food at the same time! Dörrwerk uses fruit and vegetables, which are not sold because of aesthetic deficiencies and are often thrown away by the ton. Now here in ours Online Store.

dörrwerk team jonas, zubin, phillipp

The idea came into being in the summer of 2014 when today's founder of the Zubin Drier met with our Raphael. The two school friends talked about the food waste in our society. Shortly afterwards, Zubin's idea for the company was born. After extensive testing, the first fruit paper was made from 100% fruit & vegetables. The food is pureed, set to dry and after 12 hours you get the 100 percent fruit paper. The drying process is done at a low temperature to preserve the vitamins and minerals in the food. The crispy snack is also available in our Online Store in different varieties, such as apple, mango or pineapple.

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After Zubin discovered to what extent food was wasted, he got help from his friends Jonas and Philip. Now you are already five, have already saved over 65.000 kg of fruit and vegetables and are therefore completely in our favor.

dörrwerk preparation

We are always happy to cooperate with other companies that share our mission. Even if the food has not been directly saved by us, we do not want to deprive you of this delicious snack. That's why we're happy to make this little exception.

Dehydration our dear Mira

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