Only 5 days crowdfunding & new thanks !!!

Dear Crowd,

Yeah, yeah we found a warehouse in Berlin namely with our strong same-day delivery partner Lieferywho find our concept so great that they even make the location rent-free!
Many thanks to the great team of Liefery - we are very happy to be able to deliver the rescue boxes to our supporters in Berlin with the Liefery team.

SirPlus Team

We are working hard to get your thank you soon! Unfortunately we have to tell you that the delivery of the thank you will be delayed due to the unpredictable complexity of the topic and dependence on authorities, partners and others. Sales tax and liability issues, cooperation agreements, finding a suitable refrigerated truck and finding a store took a lot more time than expected.

First, we will deliver those who ordered crowdfunding at the beginning of Berlin and live in Berlin as soon as possible. Then all the others and our supporters who live outside Berlin will follow.
As soon as we have a specific date we will let you know.

In the meantime, we have sealed the refrigerated leasing contract and strengthened the partnership with a wholesaler and won over other food producers as partners!

SirPlus refrigerator wagon with Alexander Piutti and Martin Schott

The intensive shop search has most likely paid off ;-) we'll keep you up to date.

At this point, a sincere thanks to all the people who have supported us with great tips & recommendations in the store search!

Even if we had planned a party at the end of crowdfunding, we will postpone it and instead would rather celebrate the opening of our store together with you, which we can now open with your help.

We now need all the strength for the implementation of the store & warehouse. There is still a lot to do and you can help us! We are urgently looking for: Branch Manager (w / m), Assistant to the branch manager (w / m), Warehouse Master (w / m) and a
Motorist in local traffic (w / m), Maybe you know someone who is looking for a job, thank you for forwarding!

Would you like to join SirPlus as part of an internship or as a volunteer, click here.

The crowdfunding campaign is still running 5 days and we now have 1400 supporters - much more than we could imagine! Since today, there are also rescue boxes with the delicious crispy snack from rescued fruits of our partner dried plant - Many thanks for the support to the Dörrwerk team! We look forward to sharing your crowdfunding campaign with your friends and acquaintances.

Many thanks to each one of you for your support!

We'll get back to you soon, until then we wish you wonderful summer days!

Sincerely your SirPlus Team
Nelson, Natalie, Katharina, Alex, Martin and Raphael

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