New partner: organic animal food - kindly feed


We are looking forward to our partner Organic pet food to introduce and save together pet food. The high quality products are currently available at the Rettermarkt in Berlin.

Pet food also has a low BBD

Do you have a dog or a cat? Our four-legged friends are usually not known to eat something or to leave something. However, food waste in the animal feed sector is not an issue to be underestimated. Again, a low best before date is used, although the products often last much longer. This results in a huge pile of garbage that our faithful companions would probably have eaten.

Against animal experiments and factory farming. Without antibiotics and without genetic engineering

That's where our partner Bio-Tierkost comes into play. They point out that there are also sustainable animal feed solutions. For example, they strongly distance themselves from animal testing for pet supplies and pay attention to organic quality. Pet food is free from harmful antibiotics and other GM feeds.

From conviction since 1996 - Also MHD and B-Ware

With heart and conviction, they have been selling organic pet food since 1996 and are constantly evolving to adopt new concepts. So organic animal food also offers MHD and B-Ware to what exactly is in the sense of SirPlus. This way, the best quality edible animal food is saved and your wallet is spared.

We are happy and proud to call Bio-Tierkost Partner and look forward to the future cooperation!

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