New corporate identity & design

WIN Creating Images

We are very happy to introduce you to our new corporate design. We expressly thank WIN Creating Images and their Sustainability Unit, which promotes sustainable projects and thus SIRPLUS mission to save food and increase their appreciation has given a voice and have advised us. SIRPLUS is thus given a uniform, unmistakable and clearly structured overall picture for its appearance in public.

Corporate Identity


SIRPLUS wants people, nature and all living beings to be fine. We want to make it possible for all people to use resources to preserve their value. Through cooperations and networks we want to develop more potential for sustainable business. By means of educational work, consulting and our sales in the savior markets, as well as in the online shop, as well as in production, SIRPLUS wants to create more awareness and to effect a meaningful and sustainable use of our planet.

Corporate Design

SIRPLUS main logo

Our heart-shaped strawberry turns into a heart, for we save you with our hearts. The heart represents our love for food, all raw materials and the passion we work with.

The curved font in the logo makes room for a clear and legible font, our food now have their own icons that were specifically designed and manufactured for SIRPLUS. All of this allows us to be more flexible and ensures the perception and recognition of SIRPLUS as a brand among all people.

We are super happy with this design and say 1000 Thanks @WIN!

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