Food donation to Berliner Engel

Dear Crowd,

We are happy to announce the 09.11.2017 on Thursday Berlin angels for our second large food donation from several pallets could pass.

All organizations and associations that work to save food and support the needy with salvaged food, such as the Panel and foodsharing, are partners for us. And we want to support them with food. That's what we ask 20% of our collected food non-profit organizations and social projects available.

The Berlin Angels for the Needy help people in poverty through food and clothing. Anyone who proves that he is in need can get food, used clothes and furniture for little money from the Berlin Angels.

Mr. Gnädig with his team of the Berlin angels

was allowed over a lot of crackers,
Rice waffles and vanilla crispy balls
from our partner
Hero snacks looking forward.

Raphael and Gawan from SirPlus arrived at the Berlin Angels with a small truck filled with our salvaged food and a film crew from RTL.

Then the three pallets had to
once unloaded and stowed.
The film crew has captured everything.
In the end there were happy and
happy faces, because everything went well.
The team of the Berlin angels
was happy about the food.
And we at SirPlus are happy
that we do their valuable work
can support.

At this point we want to be with all ours partnersfrom which we save the food, and thank our customers! Because without them, that would be Donation not possible.

Best regards,

Your SirPlus team

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