Food saving in the neighborhood made easy : Germany's largest social network for neighbors

A survey has shown that 60% of the population wants better contact with their neighbors. This applies equally to large cities and villages.

In our time, increasing anonymity, loneliness and demographic change are increasingly coming to the fore and are challenges that are getting bigger. We usually only know our neighbors from the name that hangs on the doorbell. Would not it be nice if we had more contact with our neighbors?
The social start-up takes care of all these things. With 1,2 millions of users in Germany, it is the largest social network for neighbors in the Federal Republic. Your vision - turning neighborhoods into livable places where neighbors can get to know each other and feel at home. Share, exchange, help, give away, make an appointment - all this is possible with for free.

So that the neighborhood becomes a neighborhood again!

Christian Vollmann: "I want to turn neighborhoods into places worth living in, where neighbors get to know each other and feel at home again."

The idea behind Christian Vollmann came when he moved into a new neighborhood with his family and he wanted to get to know this society, however anonymous. But how was he best to contact them? After much deliberation, he came up with the idea of ​​creating an online forum to make new contacts easier.
The idea that neighbors in Germany networking, exchanging technical devices or celebrating together, Christian Vollmann was inspired by. was founded in the year 2015.
At You can sign up and see who is already a member of your neighbors, network and start immediately. Because together you and your neighbors can meet, take care of the neighborhood, run urban gardening, organize flea markets and barbecues or save food together.

The day of the neighbors celebrates the "Neighbor Day" again at 24.05. The day encourages people to get in touch with their neighborhood as part of a celebration. It creates the opportunity to get together with the people you usually encounter only in the corridor or on the street.
On the website , everyone can sign up for a party and receive a free participation box with pennant chain, games, street chalk, flyers and shopping vouchers to organize the party. Anyone can invite, organizations, clubs and neighborhood kindergartens.

"We had a wonderful neighborhood party in the garden, with Israeli salad, pasta salad and many delights and discoveries. Thank you very much for your help."

Support wanted

You too can support us and our mission by using Plant sustainable actions or tell if you are going on holiday and still have food left over that will not last long. Or share your home-baked cake with your fellow human beings. Because in society, it tastes best!

You want to get to know your neighbors better or save food with the neighborhood? Then join now !

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