Now it is settled!

Let me go to the buffet, I'm climate saver!

Food and thus save the climate? That's probably the dream of every savior's heart. With SIRPLUS, this is possible: we assume that if you save a pack of milk from us, for example, you no longer have to buy it in the normal supermarket. Not only can one pack be produced less, but also 1950 gr CO2 (about 10 km drive) can be saved.

From an economic point of view, this will reduce demand in the long run, and in particular production, because the current waste of all foodstuffs worldwide implies, by implication, a highly inefficient value chain. In Europe, even 50% of all food is wasted. This means that we produce much more food, but also import it than we actually need.

Through SIRPLUS we increase the appreciation of the food and all the resources used are not unnecessarily wasted, but land in our stomach. We are convinced that together with you we will sustainably reduce waste!

Taking our approach to calculating CO2 emissions per food, together with you rescuers, we have already saved over 9 millions of meals in the first 1,2 months, which is over 140.000 kg of CO2, which has come back into the cycle through you.

This corresponds to the number of emissions we would generate if we take a standard car on a road trip around the equator and circle this 20 times. In other words, it gives us the same effect as taking 79 cars off the road for a year.

This is not only a good reason to eat delicious and salvaged food, but also a good start to get active against climate change itself, visit our SIRPLUS here Online Shopto learn more and to live comfortably from home your savior heart and bite for bites to make the world a bit better!
If you want to know what your meal consumes in terms of emissions, you can do that over to calculate.

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