In abundance: the Einmach workshop

Traditional crafts meet on foodstuffs

Have you ever wondered what you can do with the shriveled carrots in your fridge? Are you interested in how your seasonal vegetables can last longer? Or did you always want to know something about food waste and canning?

On the 3. November we have, that's Sarah from Die Vetzgerei and Johanna von SIRPLUS, our 2. Einmach Workshop organized together a colorful evening with plenty of goodies and lots of tips and tricks around the topic of cooking, food waste and recycling. The workshop is particularly suitable for beginners, for whom the big world of cooking is still a little mystery.

"We do not want to see how every minute a truckload of food ends up in the trash, but instead do something about it. Namely get in. "So the two initiators Sarah (front in the green sweater) and Johanna (behind)

Jeder knows the situations: Since the eyes were bigger than the stomach, the offer at the market stall was simply too tempting or you went to eat spontaneously again. Then the purchase of the other day often still waits in the fridge, but there is simply no time to process it fresh.

- "Something like that does not happen to me. With me, everything is drained, then I also have something for bad times, "you hear the granny in the ear then say. -

Without question, our grandmothers are real heroines when it comes to food appreciation. We think we should cut off a huge slice of it. But anyone who believes that awakening is old-fashioned is wrong. Although canning is one of the oldest methods to preserve fruit and vegetables for several years. However, in recent years, there are more and more enthusiasts, who turn to the old traditional crafts and rediscover the joy of home-made.

So that large quantities of food are no longer bad, there are many different possibilities for processing. It does not matter whether the harvest is boiled, pickled, fermented, smoked or cured. At our canning workshop, we focused on panning and cooking. It showed Johanna and Sarah what it all needs to be considered.

After a warm welcome and a short get-started, it was already directly to the preserves. After the recipes were removed and the work areas were divided, each team started busily.

Meanwhile, Sarah fed the participants with plenty of interesting and fascinating facts about the art of awakening. The most important thing when canning, so that nothing can go wrong, explains Sarah, "that the glasses are rinsed before filling with boiling water, so that no germs are in the glass and the preserves itself for a long time holds." However, it should also be noted "That with already used glasses the screw cap is still completely intact and thus guarantees airtight sealing. In addition, the ingredients must always be very hot in the glasses, so only a long shelf life can be guaranteed. "

The prepared treats now simmered happily and filled the whole room with a delicious fragrance. The perfect opportunity to discover where the ingredients used have their origins. That's what Johanna took care of. The exciting information on food rescue in the form of a rescue quizes had prepared. The answers led to stimulating conversation and brought the participants again and again one or the other "AHA effect". Johanna told us why she is so enthusiastic about canning. On the one hand, she sees it as a perfect opportunity, with little utensils at home, to be able to enjoy all her leftover food for a long time throughout the year. "So you can get the summer in stock in your own pantry." On the other hand, it is an environmentally friendly alternative to reuse old jam jars or other suitable containers and accordingly to recycle itself.

At the end, after eagerly waiting, some results were filled with anticipation. Then everything was hot filled into glasses, lid on it, tightly closed and ready to find the way home.

Tip: The preserves are also excellent as a small but fine gift with your own personal touch.

Would you like to learn how to continue to use highly edible and valuable food together with us? Then come to one of our next Einmach workshops!

++ Next appointment: 12. February 2018 around 8 am
++ Where: The butchery GmbH, Raumerstrasse 36, 10437 Berlin
++ costs: 35 € (ingredients, snack and drinks included)
++ Registration via:

What do I have to bring to the workshop? Nothing, except good mood and no panic, because with us you do not need a professional anwecker experience. =)

We look forward to you.
Sarah and Johanna

Photos: Thilo Gögelein

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