You are the best - 1000 Thanks to you!

Dear Crowd,

it's done! We are very grateful and overwhelmed by your support - really great! You have shown us in recent months that it needs the food outlet store in Berlin with delivery service of rescued food. You gave us a lot of courage during this time and strengthened us in our mission - which we now actually implement based on your support!

SirPlus Team

About 1.700 people have supported us and preordered 1.300 Rescue Boxes! Gigantic!

All in all, 92.731 € has come together and in the last 2 days alone we have gained hundreds of new supporters, almost doubling our first funding target of 50.000 €!

Now it is time to give full throttle and make sure that the store soon opens, we save many food for you, bring back into the cycle and you get your perks or 'thank you'. As mentioned in an earlier newsletter, the delivery of the thank you will be delayed a bit, but that is also convenient because most people are back from the summer holidays from September - and of course we want to complete all orders. As mentioned, we start with those who live in Berlin and have ordered first.

We are very grateful for your trust and look forward to having even more power and time for the implementation of the store, warehouse, delivery, etc.

Even after the crowdfunding campaign, you can continue to support us and actively participate in the development and implementation of the first food outlet shop with delivery service in Berlin! Either as part of an internship or as a volunteer: here.

We are also looking for motivated people for the following jobs: Branch Manager (w / m), Assistant to the branch manager (w / m), Warehouse Master (w / m) and Motorist in local traffic (w / m).
Tell your friends that we are searching - thanks to you for your support!

We will keep you up to date and wish you now for the first time a great summer with plenty of sunshine and good rest!

Sincerely, your SirPlus Team
Raphael, Alex, Martin, Katharina, Nelson and Natalie

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