Welcome Steglitz

It takes a village to raise a child - and a damn horny team to open a savior market!

21 days.
Countless helping hands.
More than 130 pallets & 300 different products.
And over a thousand happy customers on the first day!

So we can summarize the last 3 weeks well.
Since the opening of our first savior market in Berlin Wilmersdorf, more and more inquiries have reached us for another location. We have been searching intensively for a new location since the beginning of the year and have finally made it! At the beginning of June we had the perfect shop locality in Berlin Steglitz in the Schloßstraße 94 found and seized the opportunity. The former drugstore chain was to create a new savior's paradise where over 450qm could save vegetables, fruits, drinks, snacks, other staple foods and many other great foods.

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Said and done. We've rolled up our sleeves and mobilized all our strength to work on the 3. July to open our second savior market. There were a few moments when we did not think we could open our doors to our customers punctually at 11.30. But together we have made it and the last goods to 11.29 clock cleared on the shelves to open happily the doors open.

In addition to the waiting customers were the ARD, many radio stations and newspaper journalists and the RBB on site and have reported on us, the new savior market and our mission.
We ourselves are overjoyed by the positive response and are pleased that more than 1000 customers have visited our new store on the opening day:

'A complete success for the team of SIRPLUS, the opening of the new shop in Steglitz is well received. The store was full, all tills were open and still a long queue. Great concept, hopefully SIRPLUS will be in Berlin soon!'- Quote of a customer

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At this point we would like to thank all our wonderful partners again, without whom this would not be possible and who help us to make the saving of food a 'mainstream'.
Special thanks are also due to 'WIN - CREATING IMAGES' who have designed a new logo and a new corporate identity pro bono for us with which our new store looks even better.

And a big thank you goes to our crowd of course. Thank you for supporting us and fighting food waste with us.
We are happy to open with you, many more savior markets all over Germany and as long as we are not in your area, we supply you throughout Germany with delicacies you can order through our online shop 24 / 7 and from 29,90 € even free shipping deliver to the front door.

If you would like to know more about the new savior market, SIRPLUS and the topic of food waste, you are welcome to join Raphael on 4. July 2018 at Markus Lanz in the ZDF media library.

SIRPLUS Rettermarkt opening hours
Castle Street 94 Monday to Saturday
12163 Berlin Steglitz 8.30 - 20.30 Watch

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