Together against the food waste

We look together with our strong partner foodsharing back to the year 2018. We are grateful for the successful cooperation between foodsharing and the SIRPLUS savior markets in Berlin. Because not only the same vision connects us, but SIRPLUS co-founder Raphael Fellmer As a co-founder of foodsharing, we are, of course, very much in the first line with this unique, successful and effective movement - foodsharing.

But what is foodsharing at all? Many already know one of the 48.000 Foodsaver or are active themselves, but for all the foodsharing not yet know, here a short explanation:

Foodsharing is a nationwide initiative that works against food waste. At cooperating companies, food is saved and saved from the garbage can. The work of the so-called "food saver" is done on a voluntary basis, the collected food will be distributed free of money. The distribution of food is done privately to friends, family or neighbors as well as to local customers such as social institutions. Another concept is the fair divider - a place where food can be brought and taken away for free. In addition, food baskets that are left over at home can be shared privately. The aim of the foodsharing movement is to increase the appreciation for food, to sensitize people to the topic and under to establish a platform against the waste.

Of course, it is natural for us to sell food that we can not sell anymore to foodsharing. In addition, we were very enthusiastic about the joint actions in the year 2018. A highlight was that foodsharing festival in the malt factory in Berlin Schöneberg. To our delight we were able to support the festival with delicious smoothies and various popcorn varieties from our warehouse. Added to this was the invitation to the panel discussion. Under the motto "Together we are strong against food waste", representatives of various initiatives came together to discuss with the festival visitors different approaches to combating food waste. From the discussion round, the idea developed more often in so-called "round tables" to come together to exchange views.

Another collaboration resulted in December for the six-year foodsharing birthday. There foodsharing put together with the German environmental aid a directed to the Federal Government action plan at a press conference ahead. The Action Plan contains demands that urgently need to be implemented in order to achieve the Federal Government's declared goal of halving food waste by the year 2030. SIRPLUS supported the press conference with some salvaged food for the journalists.

In the future, we will expand our cooperation even more and promote foodsharing, as another way to save food, on all SIRPLUS channels. We hope that more people will share their surplus food and even become active as a food saver.

We look forward to seeing how our collaboration evolves and are looking forward to the year 2019!

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