FAIR CAMP 2018 | "Are we all just perceiving ourselves as business?"

Our Raphael Fellmer is on Friday evening, 26. January at FAIR CAMP to experience the Fish Bowl discussion "Do we all just perceive ourselves as business?". Moderation "the Friday". The Fair Camp starts at 18 o'clock. The program contains a wealth of workshops and suggestions to help you find your calling. www.faircamp.de

SirPlus & Raphael Fellmer visit FAIR CAMP

Get yourself Inspirations for your life!

The desire is great, not only to make a "Nine to five" -Job, but to live out your own creative and meaningful. Many people look for orientation or change after school, university or in professional life. At the fair camp on the 26. & 27. January 2018 in Berlin is all about commitment, job, vocation.

Who is the FAIR CAMP aimed at?

The Fair Camp is aimed at those who are faced with decisions and who seek to relate to their own desires, passions and dreams. Learn to recognize your own strengths, to sharpen your goals, to exchange ideas with pioneers who have found their way in life and are committed to social added value.

When and where does FAIR CAMP take place?

For 26. January, 18-22 clock / Sa 27. January, 10-22 clock / 32,50 EUR, red. 22 EUR
Location: EDEN, Breite Str. 43, 13187 Berlin
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