Introductory training

Initial qualification with SIRPLUS

Due to war and terror almost 68 millions of people worldwide are currently forced to flee their home countries. So many people at the same time on the run did not exist since the Second World War. Particularly affected are Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Somalia. The majority of them flee to neighboring countries. Turkey, Iran and Lebanon have taken in millions of refugees. But hundreds of thousands of people are also fleeing to Europe. After about 890.000 refugees 2015 came to Germany, the numbers of registered asylum seekers in Germany have fallen sharply again. In the year 2017 about 187.000 asylum seekers were registered, about as many as in the year 2014.

Many refugees are still young, well educated and have the hope to find work in Germany. The employment rate of people from the crisis areas of Afghanistan, Eritrea, Iraq, Iran, Nigeria, Pakistan, Somalia and Syria is therefore rising. In March of this year, the employment rate was 25,8%, almost twice as high as 2016 (15%).

By now, every fourth migrant has a job. Helpful in this is the entry qualification.

Entry qualification ... what is that?

Like the food at SIRPLUS, which comes to us via detours, we offer training seekers about the Introductory training a possibility to be taken over by a long-term internship in a training.

The initial qualification, EQ for short, is operated by the Federal Employment Agency. Training seekers who have not yet been able to secure an apprenticeship can use the EQ program to try out the apprenticeship occupation in an 6 to 12-month internship. At the same time, the EQers also take part in the vocational school, where they receive the contents of the first year of training. If the trainee and the training company are convinced of each other during the internship, this can lead to a training contract.

Refugee people can also be introduced to training through the EQ program if they do not have a recognized vocational qualification in Germany.

Our EQlers

Since we at SIRPLUS not only want to mainstream sustainability and a lifestyle suitable for grandchildren, but also want to be exemplary in the social area, we were all immediately enthusiastic about the EQ program.
One year ago dear Anne told us about the program and since then she has been involved as a trainer for our EQers and trainees.
We are convinced by the concept that we can give people, some of whom have been waiting for years for an apprenticeship or job, the opportunity to integrate even more and devote their energy and energy to something meaningful.
By participating in the EQ program, SIRPLUS also wants to give something back to society as well as socially and finds it important to set an example and motivate other companies to participate.

The EQ program is an opportunity for refugees to get a training place despite school or language problems or the required conditions and thus have a chance to make their social contribution.
Because only if we can pull everyone together can we enable the still hundreds of thousands of people who are desperately looking for an apprenticeship in Germany to secure a place in society. Not only refugees can participate in the program, but also Germans who find it difficult to find a training place.

"Not only do we want to contribute to the issue of food waste, but we also want to pursue our responsibility as an employer and give every person the opportunity to become part of our mission," said Kim, our HR Manager.

2017, four refugees from Afghanistan, Egypt and Syria have started the EQ program with SIRPLUS. Aminullah, Farhad and Sameh started their training with us this year. In the next few weeks, we will introduce you to these three apprentices
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