Invitation to the big SIRPLUS opening ceremony - 2. Savior market

❤ Invitation to the big SIRPLUS Opening Ceremony - 2. Rettermarkt in Steglitz with 450m2 ❤

Hoooooray !!! Finally the time has come - we are opening our second Rettermarkt in Berlin! 🎉🎉

So you can not only look forward to a huge sales area, but also to a larger range of rescuers with many new products and on the opening day 10% discount on everything!
In order for the whole city to find out that 94 in Steglitz is being rescued in Schloßstraße, we are hosting the 3. July 2018 from 11: 30 Watch a grand opening ceremony with and for you.
We would like to sincerely invite you and all your friends, children and loved ones - because what is a party without good friends ?!

But who are we and what is a savior market?
SIRPLUS has made it its mission to fight the immense food waste.
In Germany, 18 million tons of food are thrown away every year. And often only because the expiration date of the products has expired. Although these are still very edible, they do not end up in our stomach.
That's why we save these foods and bring them back into the cycle by offering them at a fair price in our online store ( and in our two savior markets (Wilmersdorferstrasse 59 & Schloßstr. 94) in Berlin for sale.

So become part of our mission and rummage through the new Rettermarkt in peace, try and discover our range and ask us all the questions that are on your mind. There will be an exciting educational corner for children and adults, and throughout the savior market elements that can be discovered for young and old.
In addition, we have prepared many learning and contests games where you can sip some of our cool new products.

1000 Thanks for your support and we look forward to seeing you and your friends!

If you do not make it to the opening for any reason, then we are starting from Tuesday always Mo-Sa of 9-20.30 clock for you at the start! ;-)

The key data:
Castle street 94, 12163 Berlin
11: 30 Clock
We are still looking for passionate people who want to be part of the Rettermarkt team, apply now:

❤ichst - your SIRPLUS team
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