The food rescue year 2018

Our annual review

The year 2018 is coming to an end.
For us it was an inspiring, beautiful and eventful year with many wonderful moments and great savior hearts.

Today more than 1200 customers are saving in our 3 savior markets in Berlin and the Online Shop Foods. Over the last few months, more than 1,9 million products have been recycled. Not only has the product range increased from 30 to 400 products, but also the SIRPLUS team has grown from 15 to 70 savior hearts.

We would like to take this opportunity to look back on the last 365 days with you and say thank you very much for your support and trust - only thanks to you is SIRPLUS possible.

In January, four months after ours first savior market in the Wilmersdorfer Straße 59 in Berlin Charlottenburg, we have ours Online Shop launched. So now can be rescued diligently from home in the whole Federal Republic. By now we already have more than 200w different products in our online shop and every week new ones are added.

The many new products that we have been saving since the first opening have also led to us moving into a new, 1000 qm2 large warehouse have moved. There are more than 250,000 products here, just waiting to be rescued by you.
In March we will have the first Rett-O-Mates presented to the world on the EUREF campus. Here can be saved at any time of the day.

Credentials: OsceDays

On the 18. In April we were allowed to talk about the "Oskar der Lebensmittelrettung"Too good for the tonne price'We are looking forward to our commitment against food waste. The award was presented to us by Federal Minister Julia Klöckner and TV chef Christian Rach. In addition to the actual price, we were particularly pleased that the issue of food waste is getting more and more attention and more and more people and organizations are advocating the appreciation of our food.

In addition to saving food, to educate even more people about the food waste and to introduce you to simple ways to throw away less, we have created a dedicated department. Since then, our dear Johanna (Project Manager Education), in the framework of various events and workshops, has been working to ensure that even more people in private households are easily able to help with the regular free of charge Savior tours.

Thanks WIN Creating Images, we now have a great corporate identity that reflects our values ​​and creates an unmistakable overall picture.
1000 Thanks to the Sustainability Unit of WIN, who made the pro bono project possible.

In June, us Collien Ulmen-Fernandes, in the context of Action day work visited in our savior market in Berlin Charlottenburg and helped to save food.

On the 3. July was the next big highlight in front of the door: the opening of our second savior market in Berlin Steglitz.
Within 3 weeks, we transformed the former drugstore, where we even rescued the shelf, into a 450m2 great savior's paradise. Every day a lot of great new products are added and the shop gets more and more beautiful from week to week.

Since the summer can be even more conveniently saved in our online shop - with the Retterbox subscriptions, Whether organic, vegan, vegetarian or for the office, you can have the rescuers deliver all 2, 4, 6 or 8 weeks directly to your home.

On the 4. July was our founder Raphael Fellmer Markus Lanz as a guest and has reported on his money strike, the food waste and SIRPLUS.

Since the 27. July you will find us every Friday and Saturday in the Markthalle Neun in Berlin Kreuzberg. This can now be saved in the eastern part of the capital diligently.

Credentials: Markthalle Nine

The wonderful summer we have spent on many festivals in the Berlin area and you, together with cross fieldServed with many salvaged goodies and fresh juices.

Since September, three refugees, who already have theirs at SIRPLUS Introductory training have completed an apprenticeship.
We are incredibly happy about this valuable addition to our team.

To give you even more insights behind the scenes of SIRPLUS and to answer your questions, you will find one every first Tuesday of the month Rescue Tour in our Savior Market in Berlin Steglitz.

Come on over :)

September was also the month of TV appearances for SIRPLUS.
We were guests at 'The best deal'in the ARD and'Life'at RTL. It's really great to see that the topic is getting more and more into the media and so many people think that change is necessary and work for it.

On the 7. September we were already allowed one year SIRPLUS celebrate.

Many thanks again to you, all supporters, savior hearts and partners who work with us for more food appreciation.

Also in September we were on some events such as the foodsharing Festival, the Day of German Industry and the Green World Tour of Autarkia.

After having 1,5 years wonderful years with us Climate KIC In the Green Garage we moved to the Infralab on the EUREF campus at the beginning of October.

The autumn has also heralded the awakening time, which we with our first Einkoch Workshop celebrated with the butchery. Here Sarah and Johanna show you regularly, we can make your food more durable at home.

Meanwhile, we already have great partners through 300, who work with us to save food and stand up for their appreciation.
To celebrate, we organized our first partner event in October.

At the end of the month our founder Raphael Fellmer became the Ashoka Fellow appointed. In addition, this is a great Image Video created by Raphael and SIRPLUS, which we do not want to withhold from you.

November was packed with more honors and lots of great events.
We have the Sustainability Award of Family Farms Land and Forst received and are proud winner of the Green Buddy Award in the retail category. Furthermore, we became the 100's most innovative startups Germany's chosen - many thanks for this great award.

With the great support of the Berliner Stadtreinigung (BSR) we honored together with Sophia Hofmann and Linda Lezius, the first #Welcome Friday with a very special dinner. For one evening we put the focus on the bread and served an excellent meal 5 course menu.

Whether changing the school catering, organizing a movie night or the amazement on the best before date - all this was the topic of our first Retterevents for pupils.

To introduce even more people to rescued foods and to avoid the fear of eating products that have already passed the BBD, we have been present at the Street Food Thursday in Martkhalle Nine since the end of November. Here is prepared by our great cook RJ a dish that consists entirely of salvaged food.

Tasty rescued meals can be saved not only on the Street Food Thursday, we also had some great caterings this year, such as the Boston Consulting Group, the WWF and the Greens.

Another highlight was the opening of our third savior market in the East Side Mall on Warschauer Straße.
By moving into the mall, we want to reach even more people and put food-saving in the center of society.

In addition, the STERN an edition devoted to the appreciation of our food and also a complete page SIRPLUS.

The last month of the year 2018 started with a really great honor.
On the 7. December, our founders Martin and Raphael drove to the German Sustainability Award and there they have the Next Economy Award won in the Resources category.

We are also proud to present you the first SIRPLUS product.

So that the good intentions in the new year also be put into action, can now with the Annual subscription of the rescue box be saved even more and cheaper.

That was 2018. These were 1000 tons of salvaged food.
We are looking forward to the next year.

Happy New Year to you! Happy and Happy New Year!

Love your SIRPLUS team

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